In this session you have explained:

  1. Swadhyaya has two meanings. One is knowledge about scripture and other is knowing oneself, significance of self. So the purpose of Swadhyaya is to know the purpose of your life.
  2. Importance of the purpose of life is to live a meaningful life. Life in itself has no meaning. Life is an opportunity to create meaning. Meaning has not to be discovered: it has to be created. You will find meaning only if you create it. So remember: Buddha finds the meaning because he creates it.
  3. Purpose of life is in three stages – self enhancing purpose of life is efforts to live a comfortable and happy life for self and family is called life of success. Self-transcending purpose of life is the effort to live for others’ happiness and comfort, life is called life of significance. Going beyond self. Self realisation purpose is called life of self-realisation. Practise in all the three stages is Listen, Contemplate and Practise.
  4. Purpose of life is to live fully functional life in all the three dimensions. Success, significance and self-realisation.
  5. Ambition is violent and Success means non-violence by meeting the necessary needs with caution in regard to possessing anything for self and family.
  6. Significance means being supportive and giving your presence to others without interfering in their decisions, without being dominant.
  7. Self-realisation means double arrow consciousness, living in the world without forgetting the self.
  8. Now research has shown that when you have a purpose of life, your biochemistry will be different depending upon the purpose from success to self-realisation. Starting point is success from which you move to self-realisation. This is the ultimate purpose of life.
  9. Your life of purpose will have less conflict, confusion, stress and you will know your priorities. You will have a better work life, a healthy life. You will be able to make mindful and balanced decisions.
  10. Purposeful life gives you meaningful death.

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