In this session you have explained:

  1. Due to the change in Prikriti, there is a change in the body, senses and mind of the yogi. Prikriti means what was before the manifestation, creation. It is the ultimate material of the manifestation, in micro form. Which has got all the Gunas in it.
  2. Prikriti has manifested the world from this micro form to gross form by changing the combination of three gunas, in various and infinite permutations and combinations. Whole evolution has started from the micro form of Prikriti till Human beings.
  3. The whole of Prikriti or nature is constituted of the three gunas, sat, raj and tam. Purusha is the creator and controller of these. Prusha is not under their sway. Prikriti is under their sway and can change their permutation and combination. Prikriti pours three gunas in all manifestations in various and infinite permutations and combinations. It is beautiful that every manifestation in the universe is unique. Each and every manifestation has come from the Prikriti but they are unique and not equal.
  4. Except human beings, all evolution cannot change their combination of three Gunas. Human beings are blessed having been given a choice to improve and try to convert from tam to raj and then to sat. Science has proved that by change in this gunas even the DNA can be changed.
  5. Personality of an individual is dependent on the combination of three gunas. It’s not about good or bad personality, but expression of their inner being through their actions. As actions are representing the combination of your gunas.
  6. How to know, how much Prikriti will pour in whom? Why will Prikriti pour? For that we have to be observant of the natural laws of the universe. We cannot communicate with Prikriti in words, we have to go beyond the words, become silent. Language of silence is the only way to know Prikriti. To know God, be observant of the natural laws of the universe.
  7. One who went beyond limited perception of survival saw the real natural laws of the universe, called Universal Intelligence. Which is governing the whole existence. They called Universal Intelligence, Supreme Consciousness.
  8. Ultimate evolution is Human Beings who will again merge into Supreme Consciousness. It’s like a seed to tree to back again seed. It will be possible if our actions are aligned with Universal Intelligence. If it is not aligned with Universal Intelligence then we will again come back in different forms till the time we evolved as Universal Intelligence.
  9. Your actions are aligned with Universal Intelligence not the direct causes in the transformation of Prikriti, but they act as breakers of obstacles to the evolutions of Prikriti, as a farmer breaks the obstacles to the course of water, which then runs down by its own nature.

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