In this session you have explained:

  1. We all are born for the purpose and purpose is to self-realisation. Seeker achieves his goal by action through three bodies called the physical, subtle, and causal body. Each body uses different means to act and achieve its goal of self-realisation: the gross object to physical, mind to subtle and prana to the causal.
  2. Physical Body: It is the physical and mortal body created by a combination of the karma gathered and combined in the five subtle elements by an Individual in past lives.
    • It is made from gross matter and the five great elements – air, water, fire, earth, and space; having four components – the head, hands, legs, and torso.
    • Function: An individual needs the gross body as a temporary abode for karma and the Jiva supports him to transcend past karma so that he may move towards self-realisation.
    • Nature – Six modifications are existence, birth, growth, change, decay, death; which are Visible and have Duration.
  3. Subtle Body – Subtle body is the quasi-material body composed of the mind and life-energy (prana).
    • It is made up of five Gyanendriya, five Pranas and five Karmendriyas. 
    • Function – input, output and organic unity; five Gyanendriya and five Karmendriyas connected to the respective gross organs by the five respective prana energies that animate the physical body and keep it alive; this part of the subtle body is the ‘sensory mind’; second part fluctuating mind is unintentional thinking, memories and identification with self; and the third part is the discerning wisdom called Buddhi.
    • Nature – It brings awareness to the nineteen instruments – Karmendriyas (hands, legs, speech, anus, genitals), Gyanendriya (eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin), Prana energy (Prana, Udana, Vyana, Samana, Apana Vayu), Internal organs (mind, intellect, memory, identification with self), transcending identification with the self to self-awareness or self-nature, through feelings, actions, and thoughts.
  4. Causal Body: Causal body carries a blueprint for the Individual to exist.
    • Causal body is purely composed of Avidya or Maya, the seed or cause of desire, the subtlest form of matter for the Individual to exist. 
    • Function: Avidya or Maya doesn’t refer to ignorance but refers to the basic fabric of evolution so that one can grow in consciousness. Causal body is the un-manifest or potential form of the gross and subtle body before they exist. It is not the same as the Soul.
    • Nature: The causal body is called beginning-less and indescribable. It is Nirvikalpa Rupam – the undifferentiated form characterised by nothingness or emptiness.

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