In this session you have explained:

  1. Same object will be perceived by an individual differently. So all individuals will perceive the same object according to their thoughts, impressions and desires. Whatsoever we see is limited, whatsoever we feel is limited, all perceptions are limited. But if you can become aware, then every limited thing disappears into the unlimited.
  2. Our thoughts, impressions and desires are results of FDMC, DNA and three gunas permutations combinations. This combined effect on each one is different. Remember there is no scarcity in the universe. Universe has abundance consciousness.
  3. So every individual will experience the same object differently. We don’t see things as they are. We see things as we are. We are the result of what our mind, impressions and desires are. It is not limited to objects but also to situations and feelings.
  4. With the mind our attitude, interest and motive also will see what we want to see. According to what we perceive we create new desires and motives to act. This act will be a reaction and not a response.
  5. Object is not dependent on how one perceives it. It is independent. Nature of an object is not dependent on one’s perception. It will take on its own characteristics independent of your perception.
  6. How we see life doesn’t make any difference to incidents, but how that incident has affected you makes a difference. How we see life that will not change our destiny but its capacity will change to face destiny. Stop cribbing on objects. Either contribute or accept. If you change, everything around you will change.
  7. Science says we only register those things which reflect on our mind. Mind, memories and five senses will collect numerous information from the universe, but our brain can process very little information according to the scientist. So most of the information will be deleted by default. With this our brain gets exhausted and non-productive.
  8. Our Rishis have guided us for our inner science. How to access information through our consciousness and not by mind. As they knew that we can work on mind, five senses, memories etc through consciousness to reduce our many thoughts to essential, from essential to one and from one to none. This way the brain will not be having any burden to filter unconscious attention deleting processes and will receive only one or no thoughts and it will have surplus energy. Consciousness will do that job. When our consciousness will filter thoughts it knows where the goal of Human Beings is and where to use our surplus energy. One will always be relaxed and available to the surrounding and self without any fatigue in body and mind.

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