In this session you have explained:

  1. Word Purush is a combination of two words – Prur means matter and Ush means Consciousness. Purush is a master of matter. Causal and Subtle body is matter, Consciousness is Master Of Matter.
  2. Causal and Subtle body give matter gross form, called body. Body is changeable and destructible. Causal and Subtle body changes body they are transmigrated and take new body. Consciousness is indestructible and light unto self. By which all the manifestations glow. Causal and Subtle bodies are matter which can be seen and are not self-illuminated. Consciousness is seer, spirit/atama within matter which is self-illuminated.
  3. You have to remember only one thing: the seer is not the seen. Whatsoever you can see, you are not that. If you can see your habit of laziness, you are not that. If you can see your habit of constant occupation, you are not that. If you can see your past conditionings, you are not those conditionings. The seer is not seen. You are awareness and awareness is transcendental to all that it can see. The observer is beyond the observed. You are a transcendental consciousness.
  4. Everything is a manifestation of Purush, but in the individual capacity no one is Purush. As human beings we have been born with the capacity to know ‘Who Am I’. So the Enlightened Master has given a beautiful method to find out by neti, neti. Means by saying neti, neti to every individual capacity is not me. Because it is an object and not Consciousness. Through Consciousness we become aware that I am not an individual capacity. This realisation one knows ‘Who Am I’.
  5. Quality of Physical, Subtle and Causal body belongs to them and not to me. Anything that happens to three bodies needs to be dealt with as fact, not to be emotionally charged about it. Suffering is because one attaches emotions to any situation and does not deal with the three bodies.One who doesn’t connect any situation with emotions will have pain but not suffering.
  6. Suffering is my response to the situation and it is my choice whether I want to suffer or not. Being Sensitive about pain is correct but getting emotionally connected with pain and feeling suffering is incorrect for self or others.
  7. How Consciousness is connected with the Causal and Subtle body? Consciousness illuminates the presence of the object in the mind space. Our Mind will focus where the Causal Body will decide to focus, Consciousness will illuminate where the mind focuses. Objects are affected by Consciousness. But Consciousness will remain unaffected by the object which it illuminates. Objects belong to the Causal and Subtle body.

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