Our Mission

Build a repository of Indian Scriptures and help people assimilate the spiritual wisdom embedded therein through scientific approach and dispensation, to build effective core values in society and make it conducive for free of turmoil, stresses and strains.

Our Vision

  • Develop a Core-Team to drive the Vision in tune with our Mission.
  • Team of Volunteers will drive membership of DHC-Telegram group and take on additional activities.
  • Establish a virtual innovative campus with uniqueness of learning.
  • Build a platform for experts, historians, scientific-research related people, to facilitate them in developing and propagating innovative and creative solutions for effectively guiding the seekers.
  • Compile a repository of ancient scripture through links of commentaries, audios & videos by noted spiritualist to ease their comprehension.
  • Provide Daily messages with significance and learning from Scriptures.
  • Weekly facilitation for Meditation through music
  • Weekly Group Conference with Q&A for 30 to 45 minutes
  • Spiritual courses for personal Transformation
  • Repository of Articles for Holistic benefits
  • Facilitate Groups for Holistic development
  • Provide Q&A platform for seekers

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