Building Rural India with sustainable communities and empowered people.


  • Uplifting of Rural Communities Sustainability 
  • Tackling malnutrition on a priority 
  • Equitable education for underprivileged children 
  • Developing 21st Century Skills through technology 

Definition of Social Impact

A significant, positive change that addresses a pressing social challenge. Creating social impact is the result of a deliberate set of activities with a goal matching this definition.

Skill Development & Jobs  

  • Skill Development for the Formal Sector 
  • Impact: Employment 
  • Deep Engagement with Local Companies & Enterprises 

Vocational Training Given: 403

DHC Skill Development Centres are multi-skilling centres helping uneducated and marginal youth to get employment in formal sectors. These Centres have state-of-the-art Learning Management Systems (Online Education) along with trainers well-known in the respective field. Well equipped with modern amenities, our training centres create new courses, processes, capabilities are piloted in these centres….

Vocational skilling is not an aspirational destination for youth today. This model attempts to address this by creating a centre which has the vibe of an aspirational place – where we help youth to aspire more in future and get better employment and better lifestyle. 

Enabling the country’s youth to become productive – skilling them with the latest trends (Digital Marketing, Product Managers etc.). We help youth to be connected to the real world and to be in charge of their own future requires a different level of thinking, thinking to prosper and contribute to the economy of the country. 

Current Courses

  • eCommerce Product Management 
  • Digital Marketing 
  • Social Media Management 
  • Web Designing  


The Government’s patchy education system has left a large section of its populace underserved and no access to good education. Lagging significantly on all human development indices, these underserved communities include children from tribal and minority communities, as well as socially backward people.

A significant portion of the DHC work in the field of education involves making schools more accessible. Our Educational Portfolio seeks to broaden access to educational and employment opportunities for children and adolescents in underserved and under-resourced communities through a variety of initiatives.

Total Kids Sponsored: 30+

Well-Being and Children’s Health

Dwarkadhish Holistic Centre is introducing pranayama for schools and educational institutions. In our busy life, it is difficult to find 20 minutes for Pranayama. But it can be done easily with the same benefits if done Pranayama for 2-3 minutes before the start of each period.

Total School Practicing: 4

Disaster relief 

COVID-19 and its effect on people, we are now working toward creating a fund for future disasters and how we can be prepared to help society when the disaster strikes. It was COVID-19 that showed DHC that we are not prepared for Disaster relief and to help society when it needed the most help. 

Be it any disaster, DHC will need to be sure that they are there helping the people and ensuring relief and rehabilitation reaches them on time.

Families Helped & Rehabilitated: 50+ 


Rural livelihood development has been a key engagement area, with programmes spread across farming, water conservation, micro-enterprises and more. Our approach is both systematic and pragmatic: surveys and baselines identify vulnerable households, while ground research helps in understanding the environment, available resources and market conditions. Several livelihood-centred interventions are designed around local or regional needs. 

The main focus here is to enable micro/nano-enterprise-based income – helping people to sustain their families in the long term and not be dependent on the Government or others.  

Total Sponsored Livelihood: 27


There are multiple government schemes and programmes to address different malnutrition challenges in India to reach the goals of ending hunger, achieving food security and improving nutrition. It is seen that not all schemes reach the people that are required. There are leakages in the system. When we do simple math, with the amount of money the government is spending on ending hunger India should not have a hunger problem. 

With this, we are aiming to set up a community kitchen helping to end hunger in India. As of now we have already started this from our office kitchen where on a daily basis extra food for 10-12 people is made and provided to them. 

Total People Fed on a Daily Basis: 120

Animal Care 

Most of the organisations in rural India don’t take care of animals. It’s up to the local community to ensure the well-being of animals. We have started to take concentrated efforts to take care of stray Cows, dogs etc. From providing daily fodder to ensuring access to the veterinary. 

Total Animal Care Projects: 3

Future Projects

Social Impact and upliftment will not happen with such small initiatives. We are looking to expand our objectives so we can have a meaningful impact in future. Some of our planned objectives are:

Water Sanitation and Hygiene

In places like Dwarka, the availability of water by itself does not make it viable for consumption unless it is treated and made safe for drinking. All the water purification plants that are around are commercial. Drinking water is not available to the masses. Making drinking water available with:

  • Water purification plants 
  • Desalination plant (if possible)
  • Water conservation projects  


India has produced some of the world’s best sportspersons in activities as diverse as cricket, boxing, badminton, archery and shooting. And yet, several of the country’s sports heroes have come from humble backgrounds like the wrestling akharas of Haryana — these examples underline the effect of sports as a powerful tool for socio-economic progress. We seek to harness this potential by actively working in underserved parts of the country, to reawaken aspirations and open new avenues for upliftment.

Art & Culture 

To support the arts in India is to support the millennia-long cultural traditions that form our intricate past, and the contemporary art practices that will inform our future. The artisans in rural India are usually lost and are never found. DHC will work towards taking their art to various places and giving them a platform to shine. 

Education Institution 

We want to set up pioneering education institutions with exceptional centres of learning, research and intellectual capital. We want to have our flagship institute here in Dwarka, India. Institute will be designed to ensure there is the growth of knowledge and not to follow the broken education system that we have today. We need to make our future generation more empowered and ensure proper access to intellectual capital.

With DHC we’ll pay teachers, practitioners, and artists directly to learn, gain credibility, and build a network. Making education available to all and all corners of India. We want to get everyone on the same network no matter where they are physically located. 

Impact Stories

From Rural India to Digital Marketer 

Nehal Trivedi, a daughter of a taxi driver. She was doing basic jobs in beauty parlours and other jobs that were available. DHC helped her with the Digital Marketing Course. Having experts in helping to develop the course and parting training to her. 

Post her training she got a job immediately and was working on multiple projects for international clients. Today she has moved to Urban India and is getting a monthly salary of over 20K INR.

From Housewife to Online Business owner

Namrata ….. A housewife. We skilled her with Digital Marketing and eCommerce product Manager. She was immediately hired as a Digital Marketer and was working on various SEO, Social media and AdServer projects. Post that she took another job with an eCommerce company where she was working as a product manager. Today she runs a successful business taking contracts from eCommerce companies with their product management. She has about 4 to 6 people working for her now. 

Finding Hope

We have come to realize that people don’t want to beg. They want to have their own means of livelihood. We help such families and help them to get back on their feet. …….. Was trying to earn his daily wages and living. We bought him a cart and provided him with initial capital to sell cow fodder outside cow sheds and temples. Rather than giving him “free food” we gave him a way as to how he can start earning and be independent. 

Dream coming true

All parents want their kids to get a good education. Sonal Chavan is a maid and her husband a painter and had such dreams for her kid. He was going to local municipal school where the education was not good. DHC got him into a leading CBSE school and is now studying in English curriculum. It’s been over 4yrs that we are sponsoring the kid everything from school fees to books and uniform. 

Relief of Food  

COVID-19 creates massive problems for daily wage earners. With no employment in sight there was no food they could buy. As DHC we provided a monthly food supply from everything from food grains to oil to flour. Helping daily wage earners the way we could.

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