Living with Purpose


Transform Yourself

Basic learning is to create interest in everything we come across.
During the learning not only you can create interest in everything, also you will be able to create interest in others also – through your communication, writing, behavior etc.

Do you want to improve your professional life?

Get the insight and strategies that you need to take the lead over the competition and drive you towards success.

Do you want to improve your personal life?

Are you really happy with your life? The extraordinary life you want is within your reach. What you all need is the clarity and focus to achieve it.  

What Will I Learn

Course Format

Week – 1: We are In Hurry Because

Week – 2: Focus On Learning

Week – 3: Be Ordinary

Week – 4: Be Creative

Week – 5: Focus On Growth

Week – 6: Live With Uncertainty

Week – 7: Be Flowing

Week – 8: Be Responsible

Week – 9: Be Total

Week – 10: Participation

Week – 11: Focus On Sharing

Week – 12: Transcend

Seminar Outline:

– Daily Messages

– Weekly Meditation Music of 10 Minutes

– Group Conference 30 to 45 Minutes/week

– 20 min weekly Personal Sessions

– 1st Follow Up after 15th Day

– 2nd Follow Up after 45th Day

– 3rd Follow Up after 90th Day

Each week one topic will take up followed by music to listen for 10 minutes. The combination of the post and music will evoke the theme to act through you. End of the course you can see difference in your personal, professional and individual life.

Good evening everyone. Simply simple was the topic of this week. Ma Dhwani explained in a simple manner about this topic. It simply means to live in present moment. But it is not as simple as that. First requirement is to live on body level. It means to be aware of our routine activities. As while walking, start watching ur feet on the ground. Here what is required is only action not thinking. It results in relaxation. Self discipline is also essential . Focus on Karma is another requirement. When body starts guiding mind, automatically one lives with simplicity ,gratitude and in present moment. Of course mind is required in professional life, but one should direct it otherwise it will take us in the past and future. Thanks a lot Madam Dhwani.

Feedback On Conference Call
Deepakrani Girdhar

Good evening everyone. Life is multidimensional was the topic on Monday. I joined late. But I remember only two things: One should be alert while doing small activities of routine life- washing hands, chewing food, walking and combing hair n so on n so forth. One cannot be aware 24 X7. But one can try. By being aware, one learns to see the possibilities of growth in life . Thanks Madam Dhwani

Feedback On Conference Call
Deepakrani Girdhar

12 Weeks Seminar Fee INR 12,000.00

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