Those who try to dominate others will try in every way to make a slave of you. That is evil, satanic. Those who become their own masters will help you to become masters, and they will try in every way to cut their influence. That can be done in many ways.

For example:
Ouspensky, the chief disciple of Gurdjieff, was working under Gurdjieff for ten years. It was very difficult to work under Gurdjieff. He was a man of infinite magnetism. Whosoever would come around him would be pulled. With such people, either you are pulled or you become afraid and go against them, but you cannot remain indifferent. You are either for or against; you cannot be indifferent to such people.

And that going against is just a safety measure. If you come around a person who is magnetic, either you will become a slave to him or, just to protect yourself, you will become an enemy, because that is a protection.

Ouspensky came to him, stayed with him, worked with him, and there was no theoretical knowledge to be imparted. He was a man of action. He would give techniques, and one had to work. Then Ouspensky achieved a certain crystallization. He became an integrated man; he was transformed. He was not fully enlightened yet, but he was not fast asleep as we are. He was in between, just on the verge.

When you feel that the morning is near, when you start listening to the noise which indicate morning is near, you are asleep, but not totally asleep. The sleep is just on the verge of going. You are not yet awake, you may again fall into a sleep. You are just on the surface, just near awakening.

And when Ouspensky was just near awakening, he was thinking that now Gurdjieff will help him more because this was the moment. But suddenly Gurdjieff started behaving in such a strange way that Ouspensky had to leave. He started up in such strange ways with him, did such absurd things, contradictory, non-sensical – on the surface – that Ouspensky had to leave him on his own account.

Gurdjieff never told him to leave. On his own account he left him, went against him, said that he had gone mad. He started teaching, and he always said, “I am teaching according to Gurdjieff, my teacher, but now he is mad.” He would say, “According to the early Gurdjieff…” He would not talk about the later Gurdjieff.

But the basic reason why Gurdjieff did this is deep compassion. That was the moment when Ouspensky had to be left alone; otherwise he would have become a constant dependent. The moment came when he had to be thrown out, and in such a way that he would never become aware that he had been thrown out consciously.

Such persons like Buddha or Gurdjieff will affect you without their conscious effort and you will be pulled towards them. But they will try in every way that you are not pulled in that way: that you are not attracted hypnotically, that you are not dominated by them. And they will help to make you masters, standing on your own feet.


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