Consider any area of your present form as limitlessly spacious.

This is the same, through a different door. The basic essential is the same, I.e. To destroy limits. Mind creates limits. If you don’t think, you move into the unlimited. The mind cannot coexist with the unlimited, with the undefined, unbordered, infinite. So if you try something limitless, the mind will disappear.

The techniques say, consider any area of your present form as limitlessly spacious. Any area, you can just close your eyes and imagine that your head has become infinite. Now there are no boundaries to it. Your head has now become the whole cosmos, without any boundaries. If you can imagine this, suddenly thoughts will stop. If you can imagine your head as infinite, thinking will not be there. Thinking can exist only in a very narrow mind. The narrower it is, the better for thinking. The greater the mind, the less the thinking, and when the mind becomes total space, there is no thinking at all.

Buddha is sitting under the Bodhi tree. Can you imagine what he is thinking? He is not thinking at all. His head is the whole cosmos. He has become spacious, infinite spacious. This technique is good for those who can imagine. These people are very powerful.

If your mind is not very educated it will be easy for you to imagine. If it is educated, then the creativity is lost, then your mind is just a storage space, a bank. And the whole education system is a banking system. They go on banking and dumping stuff into you. They use your mind for storage – then you cannot imagine. Then whatsoever you do is just repeating that which has been taught to you.

Those who are still alive, even after so much education they can do it. Women can do it more easily than men. All those who are imaginative, dreamers, they can do it very easily. But how to know whether you can do it or not?

You can do a small experiment before entering it. Just lock both your hands and close your eyes. For five minutes, any time, relax in a chair, lock both the hands together, and just imagine that the hands are so locked that even if you try, you cannot open them. It will look absurd to you because they are not locked, but you just go on imagining that they are.

For five minutes go on thinking and then say three times in your mind, “Now i will try to open my hands but I know it is impossible. They are locked and they will not open.”

Then try to open them. Thirty percent of you will not be able to open it. They will be really locked, and the more you try, the more you will feel they are impossible. You will start perspiring – you cannot open your own hands. Then this method is for you, try this method.

If you can open your hands and nothing has happened, this method is not for you. You will not be able to do it. But don’t be scared if you are not able to open your hands. Just close your eyes again and imagine that now your hands are unlocked. You will require five minutes again to go on imagining that when you try to open them, they will open immediately.

Unlock them the same way you locked them, just through imagination. Then this technique will work miracles for you. Now you can consider the whole body. Just close your eyes and consider that the whole body is spread, spreading, spreading and then the boundaries are lost. It has become infinite. What will happen? You cannot even conceive of what will he. If you can conceive that you have become the cosmos – that is the meaning, the infinite – all that is bound up with your ego will not be found there. Your name, your identity, all will be lost. Your poorness or richness, your health or your disease, your miseries – all will be lost, because they are part of your finite body. With a finite body they cannot exist. And once you know this, come back to your finite body. But now you can laugh. And even in the finite you can have the sense, the feel of the infinite.

Try. And it will be good if you try from the head, because that is the base of all illness. Close your eyes, lie down on the ground or sit on a chair and relax. Just look within the head. Feel the walls of the head spreading, expanding. If you feel that it will be very staggering, then try it slowly. First think that your head has come to occupy the whole room. You will actually feel your skin touching the walls. Go on moving. Your head has gone beyond – now the house come within your head, then the whole town has come within your head. Go on spreading. Within three months, slowly, you can come to the point where the sun rises in your head, it starts moving in your head. Your head has become infinite. This will give you a deep freedom such as you have never known. And all the miseries that belong to this narrow mind will disappear. In such a state, Upanishads seers could say, “Aham Brahmasmi – I am the divine, I am the absolute.” In such ecstasy, Mansoor cried, “Ana’I Haq”.

But this technique is good for expansion, for expanding the consciousness. Before trying it, try the hand locking experiment, so that you can feel it. If your hands become locked, you have a very creative imagination, it is not impotent. Then you can work miracles through it.

Excerpts From The Book Of Secrets CH: 65


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