Types And Usage

There are various types of diyas and each diyas has its own significance and variance.

Various types of diyas and it’s usage:
1. Earthen diyas: The earthern diyas are made of clay and after which they are baked. They are most used diyas on the occasion of the Diwali festival. The lighting up of earthen diyas is believed to drive away the evil spirits and welcome goodness into home.
2. Flour diyas: The wheat flour is knead with ghee and made into the shape of diya with bowl in the centre. The flour bowls are usually lighted up in odd numbers. The flour diyas are then fed to the cows.
3. Porcelain diyas: The porcelain diyas are made of china clay, they come in various colours, shapes.
4. Terracotta diyas or The Decorative diyas: The most of the decorated diyas are made of terracotta diyas.
5. Figurine diyas: The figurine diyas are the intricately designed mostly made out of brass and they represent either Indian mythological heroes or the hindu gods.
6. Electrical diyas: The Electrical diyas are quite common nowadays. The electrical diyas usually have a silver or gold color fixtures and looks like a real diya burning on.
7. Iron diyas: The lighting up of diyas made of Iron with gingelly oil is believed to please the god “Shani” Or “Saturn” and relive those who are affected by the Seven and half years suffering (Malefic effect) caused by the Planet god “Shani or Saturn”
8. Brass diyas: The brass diyas are quite commonly available at affordable price.
9. Silver diyas: Lighting up of the diyas made out of silver is believed to please the moon god and it drives away poverty from home.
10. Gold diyas: The diyas made of gold are believed to please goddess mahalakshmi and they bless the household and businesses with required wealth.


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