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What are the 29 Different Types of Spoons?

There’s a right type of spoon for different types of food and for baking and measuring. Make sure your silverware set has the essential ones for your needs.

Spoons are as old as knives and have existed as early as the prehistoric times. People in ancient civilizations made spoons out of wood, bone, rock, gold, silver, and ivory. In the past societies of Egypt and the UK, people used spoons as a status symbol. The modern appearance of spoons emerged only in the 1700s.

From 29 different types of Spoons we regularly use following 15 types of Spoons.

1. Tablespoon: Larger than a teaspoon, a tablespoon is both a unit of measurement and a utensil that is used regularly during meals.

2. Teaspoon: Similar in size to the teaspoon that we use to measure out ingredients when cooking or baking, teaspoons do, however, have a different shape and appear to be sized down-tablespoons.

3. Sugar Spoon: Sugar spoons are utensils that are primarily used to serve granulated sugar at the table.

4. Soup Spoon: Spoons that have been designed specifically for eating soup have larger bowls that are generally a little bit deeper to make it easy for the person using them to scoop up their soup without it spilling.

5. Beverage Spoon: Beverage spoons are easily identifiable because they have incredibly long handles that are significantly longer than any other type of spoon.

6. Grapefruit Spoon: The edge of the spoon is serrated, which helps the person using it to easily separate the fruit from the rind.

7. Absinthe Spoon: These spoons generally have a flat bowl instead of one that is curved, and they have designs cut into them to allow the absinthe to flow through.

8. Caviar Spoon: These spoons tend to vary in size from three to five inches and have a small and shallow bowl that is ideal for scooping out and serving smaller amounts of caviar.

9. Ladle: This is a larger type of spoon that is used primarily for serving foods that contain a lot of liquid, such as a stew or a soup so that there is not a huge mess when the food is served.

10. Slotted Spoon: They have holes, slots, or other types of openings cut into the bowl of the spoon to allow liquid to pass through when serving.

11. Baby Spoon: Baby spoons are very small and are often coated with a silicone or rubber to ensure that the baby is not accidentally injured while eating.

12. Risotto Spoon: This type of spoon is used to stir risotto, as well as sauces and creams.

13. Coffee Measuring Spoon: They have deep and round bowls that are designed for measuring out coffee grounds.

14. Demitasse Spoon: This is so that they can be used with an espresso cup, which is around half the size of a regular coffee cup.

15. Serving Spoon: Unlike regular spoons that are used for eating, serving spoons are significantly larger, have long handles, and they have larger bowls to ensure that you can easily serve out generous portions.


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