It is with immense honour that I present our guest speaker, Dr. R. Sridharan, at the Bharatiya Paramparik Gyan Vigyan Samaj. He is an esteemed scholar whose penetrating insights have illuminated the field of ancient Indian mathematics. An acclaimed authority on the complexities of Number Systems and their profound impact on the realm of Mathematics, Dr. Sridharan’s scholarly contributions have earned widespread respect and commendation within the academic fraternity.

Today, we are honoured to have him elucidate the wonders of Ancient Indian Number Systems and their critical role in mathematics. Please join me in welcoming Dr. R. Sridharan to the stage for what promises to be a captivating exploration of ancient mathematical principles.

Topic Covered:

  1. Multiple Roles of Ancient Indian Knowledge: Identity, Culture, Received Wisdom, Economic Value and Uniqueness
  2. Ancient Indian Knowledge Corpus: A Classification Framework
  3. Kaţapayādi and Bhūtasaṅkhyā Number Systems in Ancient India: Encoding-Decoding System
  4. Sanskrit Prosody or Chandas: Metre identification
  5. The concept of Zero and its Importance
  6. Pingala’s Binary Number System

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