Once, a jester worked in a royal court. The king who ruled the kingdom respected the jester a lot. The jester was not only good at cracking jokes but was clever enough to help the king in some official matters. Many a times the jester would make the king the butt of his joke.

One day he joked about the king as usual but the king felt insulted by it and grew very angry. In anger he said, “Guards, seize this man. He is making fun of me, the king of this country! Put him in prison. He will be hanged three days from now.”

Three days later, the jester was brought to court. The king asked, “You will be hanged an hour later. Choose how you want to die? It will be your last wish.”

The clever jester replied, “Your Majesty, I choose to die of old age.”

“Ha…Ha…Ha…” After understanding the jester’s witty remark, the king laughed loudly. By then his anger had subsided so he forgave the jester. The jester proved that wit is stronger than even the strongest man on Earth.


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