I will tell you a story from the Upanishads…

A rishi is sitting with his wife and son. A man passes by there and he falls in love with the wife. He asks her to accompany him to his residence. The wife goes away with the man. There is no criticism or objection from the rishi, but the son becomes angry and he says to his father, “This is just animalistic. This is just like animals do. This cannot be allowed. When I make a moral code, I will not allow this. This is just like animals do.” The father says, “This is not just like animals do. But on the contrary, your rage, your anger, is just like animals do. It is a projection of moral violence, just like an animal. In fact no animal will allow what just happened, he will fight.”

This attitude, the father’s attitude, is really a higher one. He says your attitude is just like an animal’s. Animals fight for their mates. They have a territorial, possessive sense, and if you trespass it they will fight. But father says, “I am human. If someone sees your mother and falls in love, no one is at fault. And if your mother is ready, who am I? I have also fallen in love with her the same way. It makes no difference. Just like this I have fallen in love with her. She agreed to be married, she agreed to be my wife, but not my possession. Someone else has fallen. I know human weakness because I know myself, I have also fallen myself, so nothing wrong is happening. And I am not an animal, so I cannot fight for this. I know he is a human being just like me. And your mother is beautiful. I have also fallen in love with her.”

But this is a very high morality, and this can only be cultivated before sexual maturity – if you have trained, otherwise not. After sexual maturity you will not be able to channel the energy, it is very difficult. But if channels are prepared before, then the energy just flows in them as naturally as it flows in sex.

And this man, this father, this rishi, must have known kundalini, otherwise he could not have been as he was, it is impossible. This rishi had kundalini development – energy going upward – otherwise this attitude would never come.

Downward energy is always toward violence. Upward energy is always toward love, understanding, compassion.


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