If a man recites religious scriptures without bothering to understand the ideas being stated. Such person is not better than a ladle that is dipped in all kinds of food, but is unable to taste any. – Chanakya

Poor Man’s Hut

Mohammedan mystic, He used to live in a small cottage, just one room. One night when it was raining hard, somebody knocked on the door. The room was so small that just the mystic and his wife could sleep; there was no place for the third person.

The wife said to her husband, ”Keep quiet, because there is no space.”

The mystic said, ”There is. You open the door! A stranger… so much rain, a dark night, the city is far away… No, this is not human. Open the door.”

His wife opened the door. She said, ”But what are you going to do?” He said, ”There is room enough for two to sleep. It is enough for three to sit, chitchat,  talk.” So they all sat and started talking, asking the stranger about his experiences.

At that moment there was another knock. The stranger was near the door, and the mystic said to him, ”Open the door, somebody is in trouble.”

The stranger said, ”But there is no space!”

The mystic said, ”If I had listened to that argument, you would not have been here  – that was the argument of my wife. There is space. It is enough for three to sit; it is enough for four to stand. You open the door!”

The door was opened, another stranger came in. They stood up, they talked about things. Then there was another knock, and this time it was a strange knock.

The mystic said, ”Open the door.”

But they said, ”It is difficult.” The last comer was close to the door; he said, ”It is absolutely impossible!”

The mystic said, ”Nothing is impossible. We are standing, we will just have to stand a little closer. But the stranger cannot go.”

When they opened the door… it was a donkey. The strangers and the wife all said, ”This is too much!”

But the mystic said, ”It does not matter who is the stranger. We never asked you, `Who are you?’ You were in difficulty; he is in difficulty.”

They allowed the donkey in. Now they had to stand very close to each other. One of the strangers said to the mystic, ”You follow a strange philosophy.”

He said, ”There is nothing strange. All that we have is our poverty; we will share it with anybody. All that you need is a heart which is willing to share. The rich man’s palace has many mansions in it, but you will not find entry. The space is there, but the heart is missing. This is a poor man’s hut; the space of course is very limited, but the heart is unlimited.”

“When people Believe in you,  it gives you Courage and Motivation,
But….When you Believe in Yourself, It gives you Persistence, Determination and Infinite Energy”  Just THINK ❣


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