Once, the wolf said some insulting words to the lion king during a conversation and ran away. In anger the lion king started chasing the wolf to kill him.

As the wolf ran around the forest he saw a bear. He said, “Please save me. The king is chasing me. He will surely kill me. Can you hide me somewhere?”

“Yes, why not?” said the bear. “Come to my cave. You can hide there as long as you want.”

The wolf went and hid in his cave. A few moments later, the lion came and asked the bear, “Have you seen the wolf?”

The bear replied, “No, I haven’t, Your Majesty.” But he signalled the lion to look in the cave. The lion did not understand the signal and went away. Soon the wolf came out of the cave and started to walk away.

“Won’t you thank me?” the bear asked.

“What for?” the wolf said, “For lying to the lion or signalling him about me. You are not an honest friend at all.”


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