Once there were two frog friends. As they grew up, one of the frogs made his home in the rocks and shrubs that grew by the lake in the forest. But, the second from explored the surroundings for a better place to live in. Soon he found a place just by the edge of a road that ran through the forest. A few months later, the first frog said, “Why don’t you come and stay with me near the lake? Many chariots and carts pass on the road. What if someone runs over and killed you?”

“Oh! Don’t worry about me. I am used to the carts now. I know how to avoid them and I don’t like the boring lake.”

So the second frog stayed by the road. One day as luck would have it, a horse cart came down the round. The frog could not hop away from the road in time so he was crushed under the cart’s wheel.

The first frog felt sorry. He thought, “One should always be prepared for the worst time. My friend lost his life because he was overconfident. He thought he would never be harmed on the road.”


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