Who can speak at all situations, has an understanding for religion and religious-scriptures, is good at debate, and who can explain his point in less time is definitely an intelligent.

– Vidur

Honest Birbal

One fine day Akbar was discussing the brinjal with Birbal . He told him what a delicious and nutritious vegetable it was. Birbal agreed with him and said “Huzoor you are right brinjal is delicious vegetable”.

After a few of days. Birbal was also eating at the palace that day. When the brinjal curry was served to Akbar , he refused it saying that it was a tasteless vegetable, full of seeds and lacking proper nutrition.

Birbal, too, refused it saying that it was not good for health. So Akbar impatiently asked him why he was saying such things when he praise brinjals a few days ago.

Birbal replied that he had praised the brinjal only because his emperor had praised it and criticized it when his majesty had criticized it, as he was loyal to his emperor and to not the brinjal. He said that the brinjal could not make him a minister no matter how much he praised it. He went on to say that he was his majesty’s obedient servant, and not that of the brinjal.

The King was pleased by his honest and witty response.

A wise king always accompanies wise councils who always stand by his side irrespective of the situation and place.


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