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  • Even if one possesses the power to sever heads with the first insult, but still has the capability to hear 99 more insults, then he is Krishna!!

    Even if one possesses a weapon like the ‘Sudarshan Chakra,’ but always holds a ‘flute’ in his hand, then he is Krishna!!

    Even if one has the grandeur of the city of ‘Dwarka,’ but is still a friend…Read More

  • Don’t speak negatively about yourself, even as a joke. Your body doesn’t know the difference. Words are energy and cast spells, that’s why it’s called spelling. Change the way you speak about yourself and you can change your life. What you’re not changing, you’re also choosing.

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  • Once upon a time, the donkey engaged in a curious conversation with the tiger. The donkey boldly asserted, “The grass is blue.” In contrast, the tiger confidently retorted, “No, the grass is green.” This simple exchange of opinions quickly escalated into a fervent discussion. Eventually, the two creatures reached a resolution: they would present…Read More

  • Here’s the ultimate truth that many people fail to grasp: there’s one crucial aspect of our lives that we have complete control over – our thoughts.

    It’s the only thing we can truly and directly change in real-time. Just think about it: you can shift your thoughts from imagining the color red to picturing the color blue.

    So, why aren’t you…Read More

  • When we hear the term yoga, many of us may visualize simple stretching poses often seen in fitness centres or social media posts.

    However, what many fail to realize is the vast potential of yoga which has been utilized for centuries. The ancient Indian yogis developed hidden techniques that not only elongated their life spans remarkably but…Read More

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