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  • You can’t imagine India’s loss after its textile industry was destroyed. India’s textile industry was famous for its exceptional fabrics and weaves. It was the second largest employer and contributed over 10% to India’s GDP.

    However, between 1800 and 1860, the industry faced a severe decline. This was a deliberate plan by the British. They…Read More

  • You know India is a land of rich culture and ancient history, with many groundbreaking discoveries and inventions that have shaped the modern world.

    The first discovery is the Hindu numeral system. Not many realize that the numeral system we use today came from India.

    Our next discovery is carburized steel. India is one of the pioneers in…Read More

  • In the past, India thrived in an era devoid of plastic and pesticides. However, our country was deemed underdeveloped due to our choice not to rely on these substances. Regrettably, the present reality depicts India struggling with the overwhelming burden of plastic waste, while our farmers face grave consequences from pesticide poisoning.…Read More

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