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  • A mind caught in words is incapable of being free.

    When we immerse ourselves deeply in language and rely solely on words to articulate our thoughts and experiences, there is a risk of becoming entangled in their limitations. Words, while powerful and essential for communication, often simplify and constrain the complexity of our thoughts and…Read More

  • Sex is your basic life force. If you transform it into higher forms, it is going to disappear from its lower manifestations.

    The concept of transforming sexual energy into higher forms encompasses a profound exploration found in various spiritual and philosophical traditions worldwide. At its core, sexuality is often regarded as a fundamental…Read More

  • To be with yourself is meditation.

    This quote encapsulates the profound practice of turning inward and embracing the present moment with mindfulness and self-awareness. In our hectic lives, meditation serves as a sanctuary – a quiet space where we can untangle ourselves from the external world and delve into the depths of our inner being.…Read More

  • Find ecstasy within yourself. It is not out there, it is in your innermost flowering.

    Finding ecstasy within oneself is a profound journey that begins by shifting our focus from external sources of happiness to the depths of our own being. Society often conditions us to seek fulfilment through achievements, relationships, and material…Read More

  • If you hate, you will miss, and the responsibility will be yours. Now it is for you to choose.

    Hatred is a powerful emotion that can cloud judgement and distort perceptions. When we harbour hatred towards someone or something, it consumes our thoughts and emotions, often overshadowing rationality and compassion. This intense negativity not only…Read More

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