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  • Forget completely about the ego; concentrate totally on bringing alertness into your being.

    The ego is a cunning masquerade of the self, it thrives on separation and thrives on clinging to identities, possessions, and achievements. It draws its power from the past and its projections onto the future, but it has no essence in the…Read More

  • You cannot surrender ego, because it does not exist. You can bring a little awareness, a little consciousness, a little light.

    This quote touches upon a profound understanding of the self. The ego, as you know, is often thought of as a substantial entity within us, but from a deeper perspective, it is a mere collection of thoughts, patterns,…Read More

  • Your silence should not be the silence of a graveyard, your silence should be the silence of a garden.

    This quote points to the profound yet often misunderstood essence of silence. The silence of a graveyard is dead, morbid, and full of melancholy. It is the silence that comes with absence, with nothingness. It signifies the end of life, music,…Read More

  • When ‘mind’ knows, we call it knowledge. When ‘heart’ knows, we call it love. And when ‘being’ knows we call it meditation.

    This statement reflects the different layers of human experience and consciousness. It is an exploration of the many ways we can understand and connect with the world.

    When the ‘mind’ knows, it is operating withi…Read More

  • Love has to be a river till it reaches the ocean. Love has to remain flowing till it reaches God.

    When Osho speaks of love as a river, it is to evoke the imagery of a perpetual flow, a dynamic journey towards the vast, the ultimate, the infinite which can be symbolised as the ocean or God. Love in its essence cannot be static; it must be a…Read More

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