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Dohas By Kabir

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  • Andhon ka haathi sahi,
    hath tatol-tatol
    Aankhen se nahi dekhiya,
    tate vin-vin bol.

    The elephant as known by a blind is learnt only by groping in the dark.
    To know Him you need an eyes of a different kind.

    Kabir says the mind is a judge; it allows only that which suits it, which fits with it, which nourishes it, strengthens it. It does…Read More

  • Gyani bhulai gyan
    kathi nikat nij roop
    Bahir khojay bapurai,
    bhitar vastu anoop.

    A so called wise is lost in describing his wisdom, the God is near to him
    But he is searching Him outside when inside him is the matter most excellent.

    Kabir says the majority of people waste their lives trying to change the periphery. They stake their all…Read More

  • Vachan ved anubhav yugati
    aanand ki parchhahi
    Bodh roop purush akhandit,
    kahbai main kachhu nahi

    Sayings of vedas, experiences of skill are only shadows of pleasure
    God is the wisdom incarnate indivisible which can never be explained.

    Kabir says – Men of knowledge have certain answers, absolute certainty—that is part of their s…Read More

  • Gyani mool gawanyiya
    aap bhaye karta
    Tate sanasari bhala,
    sada rahta darta.

    Man of bookish language looses all basics, becomes God (doer) himself
    A worldly person is better than Him as at least he is always fearful.

    According to Kabir worldly person who is having fear of God is better than the person who has become knowledgeable.

    The…Read More

  • Jyon gunga ke sain ko gunga hi pachichan
    Tyon gyani ke sukh ko gyani habai so jan

    The signs of a dumb can be understood by a dumb only
    Likewise the pleasure of a knowledgeable can be known by a wise only.

    Kabir is talking regarding language of Silence.

    Silence is a profound language. Real communication happens in silence. When you…Read More

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