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Dohas By Kabir

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  • Listen everybody to the preaching of a good preacher. There are many ways of sensual enjoyment. But one should abstain from any such way.

    Kabir says The sensual person is always after something, trying to achieve money, power, prestige. The sensitive person is simply alive herenow, enjoying the beauty that is available. When tomorrow comes…Read More

  • First you should understand what has been said by others. Then you can make the valuation of the words that you have listened to. A goldsmith can test the purity of gold. One does not have any means for the evaluation and weight of words.

    A word needs somebody to understand it, somebody to give it meaning; otherwise it is only a sound. What…Read More

  • When your mind is raged then you should not react to the words. One does not have any means for the valuation and weight of words. The fools do not understand this and lose their balance while talking.

    In this dohe Kabir says that never act from Mind. Act from your consciousness.

    Mind is that part which has been given to you. It is not…Read More

  • Efforts can accomplish everything.
    Nothing can be accomplished without making an effort.
    A purified butter that is frozen,
    Cannot be taken out with a straight finger.

    What kabir says – make all possible effort to become a light unto yourself. Don’t live on borrowed light…

    A man of enlightenment is so full of love, so full of joy, tha…Read More

  • Kal kare so aaj kar,
    Aaj kare so ub,
    Pal me parlay hoyegi,
    Bahuri karoge kab.

    Kabir says – Whenever your mind says ‘Tomorrow…’ remember, the mind is functioning as the devil. The moment is now and here. Never postpone it – postponement becomes an addiction. And the most destructive thing in life is the idea of tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes…Read More

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