The Sufi fakir, Hassan, has written that, “One night I asked God, ‘Who is the most religious person in the village?’ God told me it is my next door neighbor.”

Hassan had never even thought about him. He was simple, straightforward man. No one thinks about simple folk. Thinking is about troublemakers. He was a simple fellow, living quietly. An ordinary man, in his own joy – nothing to do with anyone else. No one had given him any notice. Hassan said, “This man is most virtuous?”

The next morning he inspected him carefully and found, “What radiance the man has!” The next night he asked God, “Now another question. It is good what you said. I will worship this man. I will bow down to him. He has become my guru. Now tell me one more thing, who is the worst man in this village? – So I can avoid him?”

God said, “The same neighbor.”

Hassan said, “This is really confusing!”

God replied, “What can I do? Last night he was in a beautiful mood, now he is in a bad mood. I cannot say what state he will be in by the morning. He could be in a good mood again.”


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