All the energies should develop rightly. The ideas of moral teachings have turned man into a very miserable and impotent being. In the past, people experienced life in a deeper way than you do.

Two Rajput youths went to the court of King Akbar. They were brothers. They went to Akbar and said, “We are looking for a job.”

Akbar said, “What can you do?”

They said, “We don’t know how to do anything, but we are brave people. You may need us.”

Akbar said, “Have you got a certificate for bravery? What proof do you have that you are brave?”

Both of them started laughing. They said, “Can there be a certificate for bravery? We are brave!”

Akbar replied, “You cannot get a job without a certificate.”

Again they laughed. They pulled out their swords, and within a second they had thrust the swords into each other’s chests. Akbar was shocked. Both the youths were lying on the ground, blood was flowing everywhere – but they were laughing! They said, “Akbar, you don’t know that there can be one certificate for bravery, and that is death. There can be no other certificate.” Then they both died. Tears came into Akbar’s eyes.

He had not even imagined that such a thing could happen. He called one of his Rajput military commanders and said to him, “A very grave accident has happened: two Rajput youths have killed each other. I had only asked them for a certificate!”

The commander said, “You asked something wrong. This would have made any Rajput’s blood boil. What can the certificate for bravery be other than death? Only a coward and a weakling could have a certificate saying that he is brave, saying that somebody thinks he is brave. How can a brave man bring a character certificate? You asked a wrong question. You don’t know at all how to talk to a Rajput. What they have done is right; there was no possibility to doing anything else. It was a clear choice.”

Such intense anger! Such radiance! This kind of personality has an immense grandeur. Mankind is losing these qualities. All the radiance, all the courage and strength of man is being destroyed – and you think that you are giving him a good education! But this is not the case: your children are developing in a very wrong way; nothing of a real human being is growing inside them.


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