Jesus Is Very Paradoxical

If you go to a chemist’s lab, what will you find? If you take the fire away from there nothing will happen, because every transformation, every new change, every mutation is through fire. And what are you except fire? What are you doing when you are living? When you breathe, what do you breathe? You breathe oxygen and oxygen is nothing but fuel to fire. When you run, more fire is needed so you breathe more deeply; when you rest, less fire is needed so you breathe less deeply, because less oxygen is needed. Oxygen is fuel to the fire. Fire cannot exist without oxygen because oxygen burns. You are fire: moment to moment, through food, through air, through water, fire is created in you. When it is too much you have to release it. When animals have a sexual urge we say they are “on heat.” It is meaningful because it is a sort of heat. It is a sort of heat, and when you have more fire than you can absorb it has to be released, and sex is an outlet.

Remember, in hot countries people are more sexual than in cold countries. That’s why in the East the population goes on growing and it is difficult to prevent it. The first books on sexology appeared in hot countries: Vatsyayana’s Kamasutra, Koka Pandit’s Kokashastra, appeared first. The first Freudians were in the East and they appeared three thousand years before Freud. In the West sex has just become important. In a cold country there is not enough fire in the body to create much sexuality. Only within the last three or four centuries has sex become very important in the West, because now the country may be cold, but central heating is there. So people are not so cold; otherwise the fire of the body continuously fights with the cold.

I heard it happened that when the first Russian astronauts landed on the moon, they were very happy. But they were surprised when they saw three Chinese walking there. The Russians looked at them and asked, “You have reached before us? And you don’t have any means, any technology, any science. How did you do it? You have done a miracle. How did you reach here?”

The Chinese said: “Nothing like a miracle! A simple thing, mathematics: we stood on each others’ shoulders and reached!”

The Chinese could reach, the Indians could reach, there is no problem. Once they decided they could reach anywhere!

Sex is a heat phenomenon, a fire phenomenon. Whenever the fire is burning you will feel more sexual, and whenever the fire is not burning so much you will feel less sexual. Everything that happens in you, whether it is a sexual transformation in the body or a spiritual transformation, depends on fire.

Hindus, Cabalists, Jews and Sufis. Jesus was trained in an Essene community, in a very occult, esoteric society which knew many methods to create inner fire. So fire is not just the fire you know, it is the innermost fire upon which life exists. If this fire can be raised to a particular level but it is only possible to bring it to a particular degree if it is not released, and that is why all the religions which use this fire are against sex. If it is released through sex then it cannot be brought to a particular degree, because then you have an outlet. So all the outlets have to be completely closed, so that there is no leakage of the fire and it reaches the one-hundred-degree point: a certain degree at which, suddenly, transformation happens. The soul and the body are separate: the sword has worked! Then you know what is earth in you and what is heaven; then you know what has come from your father and mother and what has come from the invisible.

Excerpted From The Mustard Seed CH: 2


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