Types and Usage

Glass is an immensely versatile material, it is used everyday in many applications …Many that most of us are not even aware of .Glass draws its strength from the earth, composed mainly of natural minerals (sand ,limestone and soda ash )Glass is ecological material that is desired for its purity and elegance. The natural quality of glass is enhanced by its stability. It easily withstands extreme temperatures of heat and cold.

Types of Glasses:

1. The main types of glass include:
Borosilicate Glass
Commercial Glass
Glass Fibre
Lead Glass
2. Types of special glass include:
Alkali-barium Silicate Glass
Aluminosilicate Glass
Glass Ceramics
Optical Glass
Sealing Glass
Technical Glass
Vitreous Silica

3. Most commonly used type of glass –
Soda-lime glass most common
Usually contains 50-60%silica 12-15%soda and 5-12%lime
Uses of glass (non exhaustive list)
1 packaging (jars for food ,bottles for drinks, falcon for cosmetics & pharmaceutical s)
2 Tableware(drinking glasses, plate, cups, bowls)
3 Housing and building (windows, facades, conservatory, insulation, reinforcement structures)
4. Glass used in building:
It’s used as glazing material in the building envelope-windows internal partitions. When used in buildings is often of a safety type, reinforcement toughness and laminated glasses.


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