One night a clever farmer was returning home from a cattle fair. He bought a buffalo from there.

As he passed through a dense forest, a dacoit came in front of him. He had a thick stick in his hand. He said, “Hand over all that you have.”

The farmer got scared and gave his money to the dacoit. As he turned to go, the dacoit said, “Give me the buffalo too. Why are you taking it away?”

The farmer handed over the buffalo’s rope to the dacoit. Then the farmer said, “Why do you need it?” the dacoit enquire “My wife will be pleased that at least I got a stick from the fair.”

The dacoit gave the stick to the farmer happily. Immediately the clever farmer started beating the dacoit with the stick.

The dacoit ran off to save his life leaving the buffalo and the farmer’s money behind. So the clever farmer saved himself and his belongings too.

Live In Gratitude

In any circumstances who can help us? Only us. No One can help us except for ourselves. But everyone’s contribution in our life has given us courage to live and deal that circumstances. Be in gratitude towards everyone and everything. Don’t verbalize gratitude, live in gratitude.

Gratitude is good for you; it creates a biochemical shift in the body. The brain responds to positive input and sends life-enhancing messages to every cell.

Do you ever feel fatigued, lonely, or overwhelmed about the uncertainty of the future? You’re not alone, and the key to greater peace, happiness, and hope could be in a regular gratitude practice.

The single greatest thing you can do to change your life today is to start being grateful for what you have right now. No gesture is too small when done with gratitude. Gratitude can be practiced no matter what is going on in life, and everyone has something to be grateful for. By concentrating on what’s good and giving it your energy, you attract abundance. But if you focus on what’s lacking: money, time, resources you will never have enough.

Gratitude opens the door to abundance consciousness because it gets you to the source, which is the source of all things. The power, the wisdom, the creativity of the universe? You open the door to all that through gratitude.

Learning from the story Clever Farmer: Live In Gratitude

Experience Learning

Gratitude opens the door to … the power, the wisdom, the creativity of the universe.

What Is Gratitude?

Gratitude is one of many positive emotions. It’s about focusing on what’s good in our lives and being thankful for the things we have.

Gratitude is pausing to notice and appreciate the things that we often take for granted, like having a place to live, food, clean water, friends, family, even computer access. It’s taking a moment to reflect on how fortunate we are when something good happens — whether it’s a small thing or a big thing.

Why Gratitude Matters:

Gratitude doesn’t just feel good. Making a habit of gratitude can also be good for us. Like other positive emotions, feeling grateful on a regular basis can have a big effect on our lives. Brain research shows that positive emotions are good for our bodies, minds, and brains.

Positive emotions open us up to more possibilities. They boost our ability to learn and make good decisions.

1. Positive emotions balance out negative emotions. People who often feel grateful and appreciative are happier, less stressed, and less depressed. Gratitude is like a U-turn on complaining or thinking about what we don’t have.

2. One positive emotion often leads to another. When we feel grateful, we might also feel happy, calm, joyful, or loving.

3. Gratitude can lead to positive actions. When we feel grateful for someone’s kindness toward us, we may be more likely to do a kindness in return. Your gratitude also can have a positive effect on someone else’s actions. Thanking people can make it more likely they’ll do a kindness again.

4. Gratitude helps us build better relationships. When we feel and express heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to people in our lives, it creates loving bonds, builds trust, and helps you feel closer.

5. When we make it a habit to feel grateful, it makes us more aware of good things as they happen.

Build a Gratitude Habit:

Sometimes, feelings of gratitude happen spontaneously. But we also can create feelings of gratitude by deliberately counting our blessings.

You can build a habit of counting blessings just by paying attention each day to things you’re glad to have in your life. Slow down and notice what’s around you. For example: “Wow, the sky is beautiful today! What an incredible world we live in,” or, “There’s Sara! It was so nice of her to help me yesterday.”

Noticing the things you’re grateful for is just the first step in building a gratitude habit, but you can try other things too, like taking the time to thank people or pausing to appreciate a star-filled sky. Start now. What’s good about this moment?


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