Types and Usage

There are many different types of shoes for men and women. At the same time, some shoes are meant for men and women both. There are numerous styles and designs of shoes. Some of the common types of shoes are – oxfords, derbys, brogues, ballet flat, mules, wedges, etc.

A man can carry the world on his shoulders, but the shoe’s carry the man.

Types and uses of shoes 

1. Oxfords or Balmorals –These shoes are meant for men. They are characterized by their round toes and are usually with a cap. They have a close lacing style. These shoes are considered good options for a formal business wear..

2. Derbys – These are also formal shoes like Oxfords. Oxfords and Derbys are almost similar, except from one apparent and significant difference.

3. Brogues – These shoes have perforations and this is the only requirement to be categorized as a brogue. It can be even a derby shoe with perforations which is referred to as a brogue shoe. They also possess separation at the visible edges of material. They are worn as outdoor footwear. Today they are also worn as casual shoes.

4. Espadrilles – These shoes are also known as alparagatas. They are mostly flat but sometimes come in high heel versions too.

5. Monk-straps – These are lace-less shoes which use buckles and straps for closing. They are usually found in two versions – single strap and double strap. They got their name due to their popularity among the monks in Europe.

6. Boots – Boots are special types of shoes which not only provide protection to the feet but are also designed to cover and protect ankles or sometimes lower legs. Tall boots are preferred for winters. They are known for their stylish look. There are many different types of boots like rigger boots, dress boots, Chelsea boots, fashion boots, cowboy boots, mukluks, etc.

7. Cleats – The underside of these shoes is equipped with a projecting piece of hard rubber or metal. This feature is added to the shoes for providing better grip to the shoes. These shoes are usually worn by players in sports like soccer, baseball, etc.

8. Sneakers – These shoes are also known as athletic shoes. These shoes are specifically designed for sports or physical exercise related activity.

9. Loafers – The shoe which can be worn casually as well as formally. It’s easy to slip on and slip off. Popular among youngsters for its comfort, appearance and versatility.

10. Mocassin – The look alike of a loafer and having feature to easily slip on and slip off. Mocassin have the comfort of leather and are stocked with a soft sole. Mocassin shoes are highly eccentric in nature. 

11. Ankle straps – These shoes for women have one or many straps which are tied around the ankles. The straps are made from different types of materials. They may have heels or no heels. It gives a very stylish look.

12. Platforms – These shoes are also known as disco boots or simple platform shoes. These shoes have thick soles and heels.13. Boat – The best looking casual shoes are boat shoes. The shoes are trendy and inspire coolness. It’s a slip on masterpiece. It’s non marking rubber soles prevent slipping on boat decks.

14. Trainers – modern day shoes for athletes and sportsman. Base is supported by foam and cushion. Upper shoe material is light weight to wrap your foot. Small holes ensure air and water seeping out during long learns. Trainers are the everyday running shoes.

15. Wooden Clog – The footwear made completely from wood. The footwear was used by farmers in marshy agriculture fields and later by fishermans to prevent fungal and bacterial infection while working near water bodies. The shoe protected workers working in mines and factories as protective gear too.


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