Let me tell you one anecdote:

An Italian debated with a Jew: “You Jews are so proud. There is tremendous propaganda claiming that you are the most intelligent people in the world. Sheer nonsense! In Italy, excavations have been made, and in some strata of the earth at least two thousand years old, wire has been found, which proves that our Roman ancestors at that time already had the telegraph.”

The Jew answered: “In Israel, excavations have been made in parts of the earth four thousand years old and nothing has been found, which means that we had the wireless before you had the telegraph.”

This is how logic functions. It is hairsplitting, but it can go on and on. Even in love man remains rational, argumentative. Man is always trying to prove something.

Watch. A woman takes it for granted that everything is proved, and man goes on trying to prove something – always defensive. Somewhere deep in their sexuality is the root cause of it. When a man and a woman make love, the woman need not prove anything. She can just be passive, but the man has to prove his manhood. From that very effort to prove his manhood, man is continuously defensive and always trying to prove something or other.

The whole of philosophy is nothing but finding proofs for God. Science is nothing but finding proofs for theories. Women have never been interested in philosophy. They take life for granted; they accept it. They are not defensive in any way, as if they have proved already. Their being seems to be more circular, the circle seems to be complete. That may be the cause of their body being so round. It has a round shape, of roundness. Man has corners; and is always ready to fight and argue. Even in moments of love.

I was reading about Somerset Maugham.

When Somerset Maugham, the writer, was nearly ninety, he had a bout with influenza. One day a lady admirer phoned and asked if she might send fruit and flowers.

“It is too late for fruit,” Maugham replied, “and too early for flowers.”

Such a simple gesture of love… Logic enters immediately. One very famous woman, a dancer, an actress, and one of the most beautiful, asked Bernard Shaw, “Would you like to marry me?”

Bernard said, “For what?”

The woman said, “I always think that my beauty – my body, my face, my eyes – and your intelligence, both will make a beautiful child. It will be a beautiful gift to the world.”

Bernard Shaw laughed and said, “Wait. It can be just otherwise: it may have your intelligence, which means nothing; and it may have my beauty, which is almost ugliness. The child can be just the other way.”

The male mind always goes on dissecting.

Jung reports in his memoirs that he was sitting with Freud, and that day he suddenly felt a great strain in his stomach, and he felt as if something was going to happen, and suddenly there was a sort of explosion in the cupboard. Both became alert. What has happened? Jung said, “It has something to do with my energy.” Freud laughed and scoffed and said, “Nonsense, how can it have anything to do with your energy?” Jung said, “Wait, within a minute it will come again” – because he again felt his stomach getting strained. And within a minute – exactly within a minute – there was another explosion.

Now this is the feminine mind. And Jung writes in his memoirs, “Since that day, Freud never trusted me.” This is dangerous because it is illogical. And Jung started to think about a new theory he calls “synchronicity.”

The theory that is the base of all scientific effort is “causality” – everything is joined with cause and effect. Whatsoever happens has a cause, and if you can produce the cause, the effect will follow.

If you heat water it will evaporate. Heating is the cause: bring it to a hundred degrees and it will evaporate. Evaporation is an effect. This is the scientific base.

Jung says there is another principle, that is “synchronicity.” It is difficult to explain it because all explanations are from the scientific mind, but you can try to feel what he means. Make two clocks so similar that they are synchronized with each other: when in one clock the hand comes to twelve, the other clock chimes the twelve hells. One clock simply moves, shows the time; the other clock chimes – eleven, twelve, one, two. Anybody listening to it will be surprised because the first clock is not the cause of the second chiming. They are in no way related. It is only that the maker, the watchmaker, has synchronized them in such a way that something happens in one and simultaneously something else happens in the other. They are not connected by any cause and effect.

Jung says just by the side of causality there is another principle. The maker of the world, if there is any, he has made the world in such a way that many things happen which are not cause and effect.

You see a woman and suddenly love flowers. Now is this to be explained by cause and effect or by synchronicity? Jung seems to be more accurate and closer to the truth. The woman has not caused the love in you, you have not caused the love in the woman, but man and woman, or the energy of sun and moon, has been made in such a way that when they Come close love flowers. It is synchronicity.

But Freud became afraid. They were never close again. Freud had chosen Jung to be his successor, but that day he changed his will. Then they fell apart, farther and farther away.

Man cannot understand woman, woman cannot understand man. It is almost like the sun and moon: when the sun is there, the moon disappears. When the sun goes down the moon appears. They never meet. They never come face to face. Your intellect, your reason, disappears when your intuition starts functioning. Women are more intuitive. They don’t have a reason for something, but they can have a hunch, and their hunches are almost always true.

Many men have come to me and told me, “This is strange. If we are having an affair and we have not told the wife, somehow or other she comes to know. But we are never able to know whether the wife is having an affair or not.”

Osho had shared one incident  – There was just a case between Sheela and Chinmaya. Chinmaya was having an affair, and they both came to me. And Chinmaya said, “This is strange. Whenever I have an affair, immediately Sheela comes – wherever she is, she immediately comes back to the room. Otherwise she never comes – she is working in the office or doing something. But whenever I am interested in a woman and take any woman to my room – even just talking, and Sheela comes. And this has happened so many times.” And I inquired, “Has it ever happened the other way?” He said, “Never.”

A woman lives by hunches. She cannot reason it out. She simply feels it, and feels it so deeply that it is almost a truth to her. That’s why husbands can never defeat any woman in argumentation. They don’t listen to your argument. They go on insisting, “This is so.” And you also know that this is so, but you go on protecting. The more you protect, the more they know that this is so.

It happened, there was a case in a court:

The day of the trial, and the defendant lost his composure when twelve women were picked for the jury box.

“Do I have to be tried by a lady jury?” he asked his lawyer.

“Keep quiet,” said the lawyer.

“Keep quiet nothing!” the defendant exclaimed. “If I cannot fool my wife, how can I hope to fool twelve women? Plead me guilty.”

It is impossible. They have another way of knowing, a separate way of knowing: the moon way of knowing.

The feminine psychology has yet to be developed, and unless the moon psychology is developed, psychology will not have the status of a science. It will remain a prejudice; it will remain male prejudice. It will not say something about human beings as such.

Freudian psychology is sun psychology; Jungian psychology is leaning a little towards the moon.

And there is a man, Roberto Assagioli, his psychology is a synthesis between sun and moon, just the beginning of it. He calls his psychology “psychosynthesis.” Freud calls his psychology “psychoanalysis.” Analysis comes from the sun; synthesis comes from the moon. Observe, whenever there is light, things are separate. Then one tree is here, another tree is there, but everything is separate. And then comes the darkness of the night and everything disappears – the separation. Everything becomes one. Dark night, and all divisions disappear.

Moon psychology is going to be synthetical; sun psychology analytical, dissecting, arguing, proving.

But there is a possibility of higher psychologies. I would like to give you a few hints, what I call “the psychology of the Buddhas.” Freud is the sun, Jung moon, Assagioli sun plus moon. A Buddha is sun plus moon plus beyond, and later on I will explain to you what I mean by “beyond.” And then that beyond can also be looked at, through many ways.

Sun plus beyond: you have Patanjali, you have Mahavir, yoga. The language is of the sun; the experience is of the beyond. Then, sun plus moon plus beyond: you have tantra, Shiva. The experience is of the beyond, but the expression is both sun plus moon. And then, you have moon plus beyond: Narad, Chaitanya, Meera, Jesus. The experience is of the beyond, but the expression is of the moon. And then there is just beyond: Bodhidharma, Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu, Zen. They don’t believe in expression, so they don’t need sun or moon expression; they say it cannot be said. Lao Tzu says, “The Tao that can be said is no longer Tao. The truth that can be uttered is already a lie; it cannot be expressed.”

These are all the possibilities, but they have not yet been actualized. Here and there a man has attained, but that attainment and realization has to be codified in such a way, classified in such a way, that it becomes a part of the collective human consciousness.


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