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Woman and immediately everyone will say very complex. Let’s see today facts regarding woman.

How women grow and change in seven-year cycles throughout their lifespan—and what to expect when they are changing.
Knowing and understanding these changes relieves a lot of stress. It can help to set you free to become the authentic person you are through all the changes that life brings. It can also help you to better understand your wives, daughters, mothers, and friends.

The midlife stage in the woman’s life cycle “the guardian.” There are the four quadrants of the life cycle are:
Maiden: Childhood and adolescence; three (seven-year) cycles from 0 to 21
Mother: Young adult; three cycles from 21 to 42
Guardian: Mid-life; three cycles from 42 to 63
Crone: Elder wisdom years; three cycles from 63 to 84, and the time beyond

Maiden: The childhood and adolescent years involve development of the right brain in girls, in a manner distinct from boys, that predisposes them to relationality and interdependent thinking.
Mother: Young adulthood is the most stressful time for women as they begin to make their way in the world. A little wisdom goes a long way in avoiding stress, developing the capacity to have healthy relationships, and to mother either children or careers.

Guardian: Spinning straw into gold is the process of turning old wounds into wisdom. The 40s transition is an opportunity more than a crisis. What do women do? For one thing they defect from academia and corporations in droves, looking for more “meaningful work.”
Crone: The elder wisdom years beyond, are hardly a time for fading into the woodwork. These are the years when a woman who has done her healing comes into an authentic sense of self.

A woman’s journey to wholeness honors each of these stages. It is a path of renewal and growth that continually shapes her most authentic self.


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