Types and Usage

Different Types of tablets:

In broad sense tablets are classified as

1. Compressed tablets.

2. Molded tablets.

The main difference is compressed tablets are made on large scale while molded ones are made in very short scale for experimentation or for rare use.

Based on surface Coating of tablets:

1. Film coated tablets: These tablets have a filmy, shiny and very smooth coating on their surface. In most cases, this is meant to see that the tablet is soluble in the intestine rather than in the stomach.

2. Simple or UN-coated tablets: These are routine tablets and as mentioned, they do not have special coatings. These tablets are less expensive than other forms of tablets.

Based on drug release profile:

1. Fast release tablets: These tablets are designed to release the drug ingredients faster than normal.

2. Regular release tablets. These are routine tablets which start releasing the drug once they reach the stomach.

3. Delayed release tablets. These tablets are designed to release the drug over a period if 24 hours. The intention is give a single dose administration for the whole day relief of symptoms. They have high concentration of drug than normal tablets. Also they are quite expensive than other tablets.

Based on route of administration:

1. Oral tablets: These are the tablets which are taken by swallowing along with a glass of water. They are the most common types of tablets.

2. Sub-lingual tablets.: These tablets are meant for fast action in some disease condition like heart stroke.

3. Chewable tablets: These are big sized tablets which are difficult to swallow. Hence they are made such that they be consumed by biting and chewing the tablet. 

4. Effervescent tablets etc: These are tablets which are meant to be dissolved in water and then consumed. 

5. Layered tablets: These tablets are layered or have two or more layer of ingredients. 6. Implants: These are the tablets meant to be put in the body sub-surfaces mostly below the skin or into muscles.


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