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A cactus (plural: cacti, cactuses, or less commonly, cactus) is a member of the plant family Cactaceae, a family comprising about 127 genera with some 1750 known species of the order Caryophyllales.

Out of so many varies there are 14 Types of Cactus for Your Home and Garden:

Indoor Cacti Varieties;

1. Bunny Ears Cactus: Originally from Mexico, the bunny ears cactus is named after its appearance. It has two pads that are bunny ear shaped.

2. Chin Cactus: Popularly known as the chin cactus, the gymnocalycium is a South American species of cactus. It’s name means “naked kalyx” in Greek which refers to the lack of hair or spines on the flower buds.

3. Saguaro Cactus: The Saguaro cactus can grow to forty feet, but it grows slowly. This means it can be used as an indoor plant for years before you need to move it outdoors.

4. Old Lady Cactus: The old lady cactus is a type of pincushion cactus in the mammillaria family, which has 250 species. It has hairs and spines and is known for its halo of tiny pink or purple flowers that bloom in spring.

5. Star Cactus: Also known as sea urchin cactus or sand dollar cactus, the star cactus is identified by its round body that’s sectioned into eight slices. It is covered with white hairs and tiny white dots.

6. Easter Cactus: Native to Brazil, the easter cactus blooms in late winter and early spring. Its flowers vary from whites to oranges to lavenders.

7. Christmas Cactus: Often confused with the Thanksgiving cactus, the Christmas cactus blooms in late winter. It has vibrant red flowers and is a common holiday gift.

8. Moon Cactus: Also known as chin cactus, the moon cactus varies in size, shape and color. A popular variety is the hibotan cactus.

Outdoor Cacti Varieties:

9. Barrel Cactus: The barrel cactus is named after its barrel or circular shape. Ribs line the sides of the plant and spiky spines grow from them.

10. Thanksgiving Cactus: Also known as the crab cactus, the Thanksgiving cactus blooms around the time of the holiday. It continues to bloom into the winter months, needing cooler temperatures to flourish.

11. Queen of the Night: Also known as dutchman’s pipe cactus, queen of the night is an epiphyllum cactus that grows on trees. It’s native to Brazil and produces large white blooms.

12. Prickly Pear: The prickly pear cactus is a genus that is very popular in drought-prone areas. Some common variations are the beavertail prickly pear and the Indian fig prickly pear.

13. Cholla: Native to the American Southwest, the cholla cactus has a round stem with sharp spines. There are more than 20 species in the plant family that come in a variety of sizes.

14. Totem Pole: The totem pole cactus gets its name from its tall stature, growing to be ten to twelve feet high. The totem pole cactus is textured with wrinkles.


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