VBT – Meditation 20.4


Short Glimpses


Let’s do a five-minute experiment: things are as they are. We do not have to do anything; there is no possibility of doing anything. When we were not here, then too, things were like this. The sea has always been making this sound, the crows were always crowing, the birds were calling loudly, the people were walking on the road. And when we are no longer here, then too, things will be like this. Then what is the problem if things are like this when we are here? What is the difficulty? What has everything that is happening got to do with our being here, or not being here?


Close your eyes. Slowly let your eyes relax; allow your whole body to be relaxed and in comfort. Close your eyes and allow your body to relax. Now, move into this third experiment of suchness, of “things are as they are.”


We do not have to do anything, things are as they are. The world is such. Then where is the restlessness, where are the difficulties? Things are such. A child is a child, an old man is an old man, a healthy man is a healthy man, a sick man is a sick man. The birds are chirping, the grass is green, the sky is blue, in one place there is hot sun, somewhere else there is shade – it is so.


Now remember, things are as they are. There is no resistance: no conflict, no resistance. We have no conflict, we co-exist among all these things. For five minutes, let yourself be in this state of acceptance. You will hear the crowing of the crow differently; when you are in acceptance of it, you will hear the sound of the crow differently. When there is no conflict in between, the wall between the two will have fallen. Listen…


You will hear the noise of the road differently. When there is no resistance toward it, you will hear the noise of the road differently. Listen…

Now the noise of the sea does not seem like an enemy. It does not seem to be a disturbance. Listen… We have no conflict with it; whatsoever is, is. Howsoever it is, it is.


For five minutes, have no resistance to anything that is. Be immersed.


Now slowly, slowly, open your eyes.

Just meditate over those short glimpses. Those glimpses must have happened when you were not seeking for meaning, when you were relaxed, when you had forgotten all about meaning, when you were not concerned about meaning. Then suddenly there was joy, there was bliss. The moment you start grabbing, clinging to those beautiful glimpses, those moments, the moment your mind says, “Make it permanent. Now this is the thing that I have been always asking for, now don’t let it go,” you destroy it, you kill it. The glimpse disappears; it remains only a memory and it goes on fading far away. Soon you will not be able even to believe that it had existed. It will happen again only when you have forgotten again the constant desire for meaning, the constant desire for permanency, the constant desire that things should be according to you.


A seeker has no expectations from existence; he simply flows with the existence without any resistance. The seeker allows existence to have its own course; wherever it leads, the seeker is ready to go with it. The seeker has no destination, no goal as such. And then these glimpses will be coming more and more.


But you have to meditate on these glimpses — when they happen, how they happen, what makes them happen. And you will find a few essential things: you are relaxed when they happen, you are at rest when they happen, you have no desire when they happen, you are not greedy when they happen, you are not thinking of meaning, significance, value when they happen. There is the secret. Drop all these hindrances forever. Let life exist according to its own harmony; simply be a part in it, just a wave in the ocean. Don’t try to dominate the ocean; that very effort is an ego trip.


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