VBT – Meditation 21.0


Concentrate On A Pain

This sutra says, PIERCE SOME PART OF YOUR NECTAR-FILLED FORM… Your body is not just a body, it is filled with you, and that you is the nectar. Pierce your body. When you are piercing your body, you are not pierced – only the body is pierced. But you feel the pierce as if you have been pierced; that is why you feel pain. If you can become aware that only the body is pierced, that you are not pierced, instead of pain you will feel bliss. There is no need to do it with a pin. Many things happen every day; you can use those situations for meditation. Or you can create a situation.

Some pain is there in your body. Do one thing: forget the whole body, just concentrate on the part of the body which is painful. And then a strange thing will be noted. When you concentrate on the part of the body which is painful, you see that part is shrinking. First you feel that the pain, the ache, is in your whole leg. When you concentrate, then you feel it is not in the whole leg. It was exaggerated – it is just at the knee.

Concentrate more, and you will feel it is not on the whole knee but just on a pinpoint. Concentrate more on the pinpoint; forget the whole body. Just close your eyes and go on concentrating in order to find where the pain is. It will go on shrinking; the area will become smaller and smaller. Then a moment will come when it will be just a pinpoint. Go on staring at the pinpoint, and suddenly the pinpoint will disappear and you will be filled with bliss. Instead of pain you will be filled with bliss.

Why does this happen? Because you and your body are two, they are not one. The one who is concentrating is you. The concentration is being done on the body – that is the object. When you concentrate, the gap is broadened, the identification is broken. Just to have concentration you move inside, away from the body. To bring the spot of pain into perspective, you have to move away.

That moving away creates the gap. And when you are concentrating on the pain, you forget the identification, you forget that “I am feeling pain.”

Now you are the observer and the pain is somewhere else. You are observing the pain, not feeling the pain. This change from feeling to observation creates the gap. And when the gap is bigger, suddenly you forget the body completely; you are aware only of consciousness.

Once you have known that you are a part of the cosmic consciousness, you will realize there is no purpose. You just exist as a play; of course the play becomes cosmic, multidimensional. You do much, and still there is no doer and there is no purpose; those things are not there. It then becomes a play.


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