VBT – Meditation 23.1

Relish The Presence

Choose some object you naturally love, and then forget the whole world. Relish the presence, taste the presence, feel it, go deep into it and let it go deep into you. THEN, LEAVING ASIDE THE OBJECT… And then comes the most difficult part of this technique. You have left all other objects, and only one object has remained. You have forgotten all, only one has remained.

Now, LEAVING ASIDE THE OBJECT-FEELING… Now leave aside the feeling that you have for this object. LEAVING ASIDE THE OBJECT-FEELING AND THE ABSENCE-FEELING – of other objects. Now there are only two things; everything else is absent. Now leave that absence also.

Only this rose, this face, this woman, this man, this rock, is present. Leave this also, and leave the feeling as well. Suddenly you fall into an absolute vacuum and nothing remains. And Shiva says, REALIZE. Realize this vacuum, this nothingness. This is your nature, this is pure being.

It will be difficult to approach nothingness directly – very difficult and arduous. So it is easy to pass through one object as a vehicle. First put one object in the mind, and feel it so totally that you need not remember anything else. Your whole consciousness is filled with this one object. Then leave this also, forget this also.

You fall into an abyss. Now nothing remains, no object. Only your subjectivity is there – pure, uncontaminated, unoccupied. This pure being, this pure consciousness, is your nature. But do it in steps; do not try the whole technique at once. First create an object-feeling. For a few days only do this part, do not do the whole technique.

First, for a few days or for a few weeks, just do one part – the first part. Create an object-feeling; be filled with the object. And use one object, do not go on changing objects, because with every object you will have to make the same effort again. If you have chosen one rose flower, then go on using that rose flower every day. Be filled with it so that one day you can say, “Now I am the flower.” Then the first part is fulfilled. When only the flower is there and all else is forgotten, then relish this idea for a few days. It is beautiful in itself – very, very beautiful, vital, powerful in itself.

Just feel it for a few days. And then, when you are attuned to it and it has become easy, then you need not struggle. Then the flower comes there suddenly, the whole world is forgotten and only the flower remains.

Then try the second part: close your eyes and forget the flower also. If you have done the first, the second will not be difficult – remember. But if you try the whole technique in one sitting, the second will be impossible – because if you can do the first, if you can forget the whole world for one flower, you can forget the flower also for nothingness. So the second part will come, but first you have to struggle for it. But the mind is very tricky. The mind will always say to try the whole thing, and then you will not succeed. Then the mind will say, “It is not useful,” or, “It is not for me.” Try it in parts if you want to succeed. Let the first part be complete, and then do the second. Then the object is not there and only your consciousness remains, just like a light, a flame without anything around it.


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