VBT – Meditation 25.5

Converting Your Energy

You are converting your energy and changing its dimension every moment without knowing it. You are angry, and you feel like beating someone or to destroy something or to do something violent – try this. Take someone – your friend, your wife, your child, anyone – and hug, kiss or embrace him or her. You were angry, you were going to destroy something; you wanted to do some violent thing.

Your mind was destructive; the energy was moving toward violence. Love someone immediately.

In the beginning you may feel that this is just like acting. You will wonder, “How can I love? How can I love in this moment? I am angry!” You do not know the mechanism. In this moment you can love deeply because the energy has been aroused, it has arisen. It has come to a point where it wants to be expressed, and energy needs movement. If you just start loving someone, the same energy will move into love and you will feel a rush of energy that you may not have ever felt.

There are persons who cannot go into love unless they are angry, unless they are violent. There are people who can only go into deep love when their energy is moving violently. You may not have observed, but it happens daily: couples will fight before they make love. Wives and husbands fight, become angry, become violent, and then they make love, and they may not have understood what was happening. Then it becomes a mechanical habit – whenever they fight they will love. And the day they do not fight they will not be able to love.

Particularly in Indian villages, where wives are still beaten, if a certain husband stops beating his wife it is known that now he has stopped loving her. And even wives understand that if the husband has become totally nonviolent toward them, it means the love has stopped. He is not fighting, so it means he is not loving.

Why? Why is fight, so associated with love? It is associated because the same energy can move in different dimensions. You may call it “love” or “hate.” They look opposite, but they are not so opposite, because the same energy is moving. So a person who becomes incapable of hate becomes incapable of love, according to your definitions of love. A person who cannot be violently angry becomes incapable of the love which you know. He may be capable of a different quality of love, but that is not your love. A Buddha loves, but that love is totally different. That is why Buddha calls it compassion; he never calls it love. It is more like compassion, less like your love, because your love implies hate, anger, violence.

Energy can move, can change directions. It can become hate, it can become love – the same energy. And the same energy can move inward also, so whenever you have the impulse to do something, Stop! This is not suppression. You are not suppressing anything, you are just playing with energy – just playing with energy and knowing the workings of it, how it works inwardly. But remember, the impulse must be real and authentic; otherwise nothing will happen.

For example, when there is no thirst you move to a glass of water and then suddenly you stop.

Nothing will happen because there is nothing to happen – the energy was not moving. You were feeling love toward your wife, your husband, your friend. You wanted to hug, to kiss – stop! But the impulse must be there authentically. If the impulse is not there and you were just going to console someone, to kiss because the kiss is expected, and then you stop, then nothing will happen because nothing was moving inside.


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