VBT – Meditation 32.2

Innocent Eyes

Jesus says many times, “Those who have eyes, let them see. Those who have ears, let them hear.”

It seems that he was talking to blind men or to deaf men. But he goes on repeating it. What was he – a superintendent in some institute for the blind ? He goes on repeating, “If you have eyes, look.”

He must be talking with ordinary men who have eyes. But why this insistence on, “If you have eyes, look?” He is talking about the eyes which this technique can give you.

Look at everything you pass as if for the first time. Make it a continuous attitude. Touch everything as if for the first time. What will happen? If you can do this, you will be freed from your past. The burden, the depth, the dirtiness, the accumulated experiences – you will be freed from them.

Every moment, move from the past. Do not allow it to enter within you; do not allow it to be carried – leave it. Look at everything as if for the first time. This is a great technique to help you to be freed from the past. Then you are constantly in the present, and by and by you will have an affinity with the present. Then everything will be new. Then you will be able to understand Heraclitus’ saying that you cannot step twice in the same river.

You cannot see a person twice – the same person – because nothing is static. Everything is river-like, flowing and flowing and flowing. If you are freed from the past and you have a look which can see the present, you will enter the existence. And this entry will be double: you will enter into everything, into its spirit, and you will enter into yourself also because the present is the door. All meditations in one way or the other try to get you to live in the present. So this technique is one of the most beautiful techniques – and easy. You can try it, and without any danger.

If you are looking afresh even when passing through the same street again, it is a new street.

Meeting the same friend as if he is a stranger, looking at your wife as you looked for the first time when she was a stranger, can you really say that he or she is not still a stranger? You may have lived for twenty years or thirty years or forty years with your wife, but can you say that you are acquainted with her? She is still a stranger: you are two strangers living together. You know the outer habits of each other, the outer reactions, but the inner core of the being is unknown, untouched.

Look freshly again, as if for the first time, and you will see the same stranger. Nothing, nothing, has become old; everything is new. This will give a freshness to your look. Your eyes will become innocent. Those innocent eyes can see. Those innocent eyes can enter into the inner world.


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