VBT – Meditation 35.3

Walking Into The Unknown

Just by walking into the unknown you create the path………..

Decide that :

“I will live my life intelligently,” that “I will not be just an imitator,” that “I will live within my own being, I will not be directed and commanded from without, that “I will risk all to be myself, but I will not be part of a mob psychology,” that “I will walk alone,” that “I will find my own path,” that “I will make my own path in the world of truth.”

Just by walking into the unknown you create the path. The path is not already there; just by walking, you create it.

For stupid people there are superhighways where crowds move. And for centuries and centuries they have been moving – and going nowhere, going in circles. Then you have the comfort that you are with many people, you are not alone.

Intelligence gives you the courage to be alone, and intelligence gives you the vision to be creative. A great urge, a great hunger arises to be creative. And only then, as a consequence, you can be happy, you can be blissful.

If you have the courage to be alone, then only you can be free. Attachment was the need; love was just a bait.

Love becomes attachment because there is no love. You were just playing, deceiving yourself. The attachment is the reality; the love was just a foreplay. So whenever you fall in love, sooner or later you discover you have become an instrument – and then the whole misery begins. What is the mechanism? Why does it happen?

A man who lost his wife shared – he was feeling very guilty. He said, “I loved a woman. I loved her very much. The day she died I was weeping and crying, but suddenly I became aware of a certain freedom within me, as if some burden had left me. I felt a deep breath, as if I had become free.”

That moment he became aware of a second layer of his feelings. Outwardly he was weeping and crying and saying, “I cannot live without her. Now it will be impossible, or life will be just like death. But deep down,” he said, “I became aware that I am feeling very good, that now I am free.”

A third layer began to feel guilt. It said to him, “What are you doing?” And the dead body was lying there just before him, he said to me, and he began to feel a great deal of guilt. He said to God, “Help me. What has happened to my mind? Have I betrayed her so soon?”

Nothing has happened; no one has betrayed. When love becomes attachment, it becomes a burden, a bondage. But why does love become an attachment? The first thing to be understood is that if love becomes an attachment, you were just in an illusion that it was love. You were just playing with yourself and thinking that this was love. Really, you were in need of attachment. And if you go still deeper, you will find that you were also in need of becoming a slave.

There is a subtle fear of freedom, and everyone wants to be a slave. Everyone, of course, talks about freedom, but no one has the courage to be really free, because when you are really free you are alone. If you have the courage to be alone, then only you can be free.


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