You Are Eternal – In Gita Verse 13.32 Those with the vision of eternity can see that the imperishable soul is transcendental, eternal, and beyond the modes of nature. Despite contact with the material body, O Arjuna, the soul neither does anything nor is entangled.

Krishna says that You are eternal.

Religion is a journey inwards, and meditation is the way. What meditation actually does is, it takes you, your consciousness, as deep as possible. Even your own body becomes something outside.

Even your own mind becomes something outside. Even your own heart – which is very close to the center of your being – becomes outside. When your body, mind and heart, all three, are seen as outside, you have come to the very center of your existence.

This coming to the center is a tremendous explosion which transforms everything. You will never be the same man again, because now you know the body is only the outer shell; the mind is a little bit inner, but not really your inner core; the heart is a little bit more inner, but still not the innermost center. You are disidentified with all the three.

It is because of this that George Gurdjieff used to call his way “the fourth way” – because if you can transcend these three, you reach the fourth, beyond which there is no way to go. You have come to the very end.

But this gives you many experiences. You start feeling, for the first time, crystallized, not that old wishy-washy person you had always been. For the first time you start feeling a tremendous energy, inexhaustible energy that you were not aware of. For the first time you know that death will happen only to the body, to the mind, to the heart, but not to you.

You are eternal. You have always been here, and you will always be here – in different forms, and ultimately in a state of formlessness. But you cannot be destroyed, you are indestructible. That takes all fear from you. And the disappearance of fear is the appearance of freedom. The disappearance of fear is the appearance of love.

Now you can share. You can give as much as you want, because you are now at the inexhaustible source of living waters. Many who are thirsty will be coming to you. They will find you, there is no need for you to call them; their very thirst will bring you in contact with them. They will come closer to you, because as they come closer they will find their thirst disappearing and a great contentment arising in them. The same as you are, they are becoming.

Meditation makes you whole, makes you holy, and makes you an inexhaustible source for all those who are hungry, thirsty, seeking, searching, groping in the dark. You become a light, and many can share your light. And you can see it: one candle which is lighted; can help many candles to be lighted. That does not diminish its own light.

One enlightened being can share his enlightenment and many can become lighted. But his enlightenment is not diminished; on the contrary, it increases. The more he gives, the more he is. A moment comes when he gives himself totally. And that is the moment when he becomes a master. Then those who are ready to take, who are open, available, can take as much as they want.

The master is only a light. He is not a teacher, but something transpires between him and the disciple. And the moment the disciple also becomes lighted, there is no difference between the master and the disciple. And that is the greatest joy for the master – when all his disciples are also masters.

Meditation is the way to the mastery of your own being. No God is needed, no catechism is needed, no holy book is needed. Nobody is needed to become a Christian or a Jew or a Hindu – all that is sheer nonsense. All that is needed is to find your center, and meditation is the simplest way to find it. It will make you whole, healthy spiritually, and it will make you so rich that you can destroy all the spiritual poverty of the world. And that is the real poverty.

Ashtavakra’s key sutra is rest. There is nothing to do.

The ultimate meaning of meditation is rest. …rest in consciousness… He who lets his consciousness stop in relaxation, he who rests only in being… There is nothing to do because you already have what you are seeking, because you have never lost what you are seeking. It is not possible to lose it – it is your very nature. You are divine. Ana’l haq – you are the truth. What place are you seeking, where are you running to? In search of yourself, where are you running? Stop.

Relax. Godliness is not attained by running, because it is hidden inside the runner. Godliness is not attained by doing anything, because it is hidden in the doer. To experience godliness nothing needs to be done – you are it.

Hence Ashtavakra says: …rest in consciousness… Relax, let yourself unwind. Let go of this tension. Where are you going? There is nowhere to go, there is nowhere to reach …and rest in consciousness… Then right now …this very moment you will be happy, at peace, and free of bondage. The statement is unique. No other scripture is comparable to it.

Krishna says you are not a brahmin or other caste, you are not in any of the four stages of life, you are not perceived by the eyes or other senses. Unattached and without form, you are the witness of the whole universe. Know this and be happy.


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