VBT – Meditation 51.5

Become More Aware and Less Unaware

This is the beauty of awareness: That which is right is enhanced through it. That which is wrong is destroyed through it. Awareness functions as life energy to good and as death energy to bad. Awareness functions as a blessing to good and as a curse to bad. If you ask me my definition of sin, this is my definition: that which can be done with full awareness is not sin; that which cannot be done with full awareness is sin. Or that which can only be done in unawareness is sin, and that which can only be done in awareness is virtue. So forget about sin and virtue. Remember awareness, unawareness…

The whole point of evolution is between awareness, unawareness. Become more aware and less unaware. Bring your energy to be more aflame with awareness, that’s all.

Humanity Needs a Synthesis of Love and Awareness

Awareness should become an arrow pointing towards yourself, and love should become an arrow pointing towards others. If you can become this two-arrowed being, everything is achieved. Love for the whole existence, and awareness for one’s being are the same, two aspects of the same coin – and they help each other.

If you try just to be aware and not loving, your awareness will become dry, almost stale…it will not be alive and dancing. If you try love and forget awareness, it becomes like drunkenness, an addiction. And both have been tried. People have tried love, but then they feel they are lost in it, they lose their moorings, their roots. Then frustrated by love they try awareness, the opposite pole. Then they become closed, like walking tombs; absolutely dry – no leaf, no flower comes, the tree is dead. Both miss. If both can be managed together, one remains in the world and not of it.

And this is my whole effort here, a greater experiment for human growth – a synthesis of love and awareness…and unless it is achieved humanity is lost.

That Which Grows in Awareness Is Virtue

So to me this is the criterion: if something is deepened by your awareness, it is something good. If something is dissolved through awareness, it is something bad. That which cannot remain in awareness is sin and that which grows in awareness is virtue. Virtue and sin are not social concepts, they are inner realizations.

Use your awareness. It is just as if there is darkness and you bring in light: the darkness will be no more there. Just by bringing light in, the darkness is no more there, because, really, it was not. It was negative, just an absence of light. But many things will become manifest which are there. Just by bringing in light, these shelves, these books, these walls, will not disappear. In darkness they were not; you could not see them. If you bring light in, darkness will be no more there, but that which is real will be revealed. Through awareness all that is negative like darkness will dissolve – hatred, anger, sadness, violence. Then love, joy, ecstasy, will, for the first time, become revealed to you.


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