Rooted In Oneself – In Gita Verse 18.18 Knowledge, the object of knowledge, and the knower are the three factors that motivate action; the senses, the work and the doer are the three constituents of action.

Krishna says to know yourself there are three factors and three constituents. From all this we need to learn how to die joyously, in samadhi. Consciously act from all these six resources you have, so that your death becomes alive.

For life you have been prepared in school, college, university – for almost twenty-five years you have been prepared! You have been taught how to live, but you have not been taught at all how to die. And death is the culmination of life. It is a great art.

Religion is the art of death – how to die joyously, how to die with hallelujah on your lips, how to die dancingly. How to transform the quality of death into the quality of samadhi. How to transform the experience of death into the experience of communion with the divine.

For religion, death is the basic problem – not life, because life IS. Life is not a problem; you have it, you are it. But death is a problem. Death is not here and yet is here. Death has not occurred to you, yet it has occurred all around; it will occur to you. Life is the present; death is the future. The present is never the problem – the future is the problem, because the future has to be tackled, because the future has to be encountered, because the future has to be transcended. So man is always face to face with death, not with life.

Kaivalya Upanishad says that death can be escaped, but you can become deathless. You can know something which is immortal, which will never die. So how to know it? Where to search for it, and how to discover it? Because every effort that we know is just meaningless, irrelevant.

The Upanishad says: Don’t fight with death; rather, know that which is life. Don’t try to escape from death; rather, try to enter that which is life. The very flame of life must be entered. Don’t create the sort of life which is negative; don’t go on trying to avoid death – this is negativity. Be positive and try to know what life is. Really, death is not against life. In the dictionary it is; in existence it is not.

Death is not against life; death is against birth.

Life is something else. Life is before birth, life is BORN. Birth is a phenomenon which happens in life.

Birth is not the beginning of life – if birth is the beginning of life, that means you were born dead.

Birth is not the beginning of life – life PRECEDES birth. Life is presupposed, it is before birth – because life is there, birth happens.

Life comes first, then there is birth. You ARE, even when you are not born. You are born because you were there before.

And the same is the case with death. If you ARE before birth, then you WILL BE after death, because that which is before birth is bound to be after death. Life is something which happens in between birth and death, and beyond birth and death.

We must think of life as a river: in this river one point is known as birth, another point is known as death, but the river continues. The river continues beyond death. The river was continuing before birth. This riverlike life must be penetrated – only then we can know that which is deathless. Of course that which is deathless is bound to be birthless… but our whole focus is just misguided.

Our whole focus is on how to escape death, not how to know life. It is against death, not for life.

This is the only flaw, and because of this we can never know the deathless. We will go on, continue, constantly searching, discovering new methods, new techniques, new ways of how to escape death.

And then death will be coming – and death will come. Know life.

The UPANISHADS say, don’t fight death, it is fighting absence; rather, search for the presence which is in you. Who is present in you? – Find out. What is present in you which you call life? What is there which you call life? Where does it come from? What is the center, the source of it? Go deep into yourself and find the source. The UPANISHAD says, this source is hidden in the heart.

This source of life is hidden in the heart. Go in your heart and find the original source.

Once you have known that source then there will be no death for you. Then there will be no fear, then there will be no problem. Once you have known life itself, you have become immortal. You ARE – unconsciously, unknowingly, unaware. Everyone is immortal. Nothing dies, nothing can die – but everyone feels the fear. This fear also comes because of society, because we see – now today “A” has died and tomorrow “B” will die, and yesterday “C” has died. Then we become aware: “I am going to die.” I am going to die – this fear grips the mind because death occurs in a society.

Krishna says we live in a world of material things. This is an outward-going movement. When consciousness comes in, we penetrate a different world, the world of the divine. With outward movement there is suffering; with inward movement there is peace and bliss. It doesn’t mean that one who moves inward will not be able to move outward; he will be MORE ABLE, more capable, with these six resources. He will move with his whole “in-ness,” now he will move in the outward world but untouched by it. Now he will move, but constantly rooted in himself. He will not be uprooted from himself. Now he can go anywhere, but he will be rooted in himself.


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