VBT – Meditation 65.0


Do Not Judge

This is one of the basic messages of tantra. It is very difficult to conceive of it because it is absolutely non-ethical, non-moral. I will not say immoral because tantra is not concerned with morality or immorality. Tantra says it is irrelevant. This message is to help you to grow beyond purity and impurity, beyond division really, beyond dichotomy, duality. Tantra says, existence is non-dual, it is one, and all distinctions are man-created – all distinctions, remember. Distinctions as such are man – created. Good-bad, pure-impure, moral-immoral, virtue-sin: all these concepts are man-created.

They are attitudes of man; they are not real. What is impure and what is pure? It depends on your interpretation. What is immoral and what is moral? It depends on your interpretation.

Nietzsche has said somewhere that all morality is interpretation. So something can be moral in this country and immoral in the neighboring country, something can be moral to a Mohammedan and immoral to a Hindu, moral to a Christian and immoral to a Jaina. Or something can even be moral to the older generation and immoral to the younger generation. It depends; it is an attitude. Basically, it is fiction. The fact is simply the fact. The naked fact is simply the fact; it is neither moral nor immoral, pure or impure.

Think of the earth without human beings. Then what will be pure and what will be impure?

Everything will be – simply “be.” Nothing will be pure and nothing will be impure; nothing will be good and nothing will be bad. With man, mind comes in. Mind divides. It says “this” is good and “that” is bad. This division not only creates a division in the world; this division creates a division in the divider also. If you divide, you are also divided in that division, and you cannot transcend your inner division unless you forget outer divisions. Whatsoever you do to the world, you have done to yourself also.

Naropa, one of the greatest masters of Siddha Yoga, says, “An inch division, and hell and heaven are set apart” – an inch division! But we go on dividing; we go on labeling, condemning, justifying.

Look at the bare fact of existence and don’t label it. Only then can tantra’s teachings be understood.

Don’t say good or bad; don’t bring your mind to the fact. The moment you bring your mind to the fact, you have created a fiction. Now it is not a fact, it is not a reality: it is your projection. This sutra says, “THE PURITY OF OTHER TEACHINGS IS AN IMPURITY TO US. IN REALITY, KNOW NOTHING AS PURE OR IMPURE.”


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