VBT – Meditation 68.2

Be Authentic

Buddha is good, but you cannot follow him. Jesus is good, beautiful, but you cannot follow him. And if you follow, you will become ugly. You will be a carbon copy. You will be false, and you will not be accepted by existence. Nothing false is accepted. Love a Buddha, love a Jesus, but don’t be their carbon copies. Don’t imitate. Always allow your own self to move in its own way. You will become Buddha-like one day, but the path will be basically your own. One day you will become a Jesus, but you will have traveled along a different route, you will have experienced different things.

One thing is certain: whatsoever may be the route and whatsoever may be the experience, it must be authentic, real, and your own. Then you will reach one day. Through falsity you cannot reach the truth; falsity will lead to more falsity.

Do something, remembering well that it is you who are doing it without following anybody. Then even a very small act, just a smile, may become a source of SATORI, a source of SAMADHI, cosmic consciousness. You come back to your home and smile at your children. That smile is false; you are pretending. You are smiling because a smile is expected. It is a painted smile. Nothing else is smiling in you but the lips. They are manipulated; the smile is mechanical. And you can become so habituated in this that you may completely forget how to smile. You may laugh, but the laughter may not be coming from your center.

Always remember, no matter what you are doing, observe whether your center is involved in it or not, because if it is not involved it is better not to do a thing. Don’t do it! No one is forcing you to do anything. Don’t do it! Preserve your energy for the moment when something real happens to you; then do it. Don’t smile, preserve the energy. The smile will come, and then it will change you completely. Then it will be total. Then every cell of your body will smile. Then it will be an explosion – nothing painted.

And children know, you cannot deceive them. The moment you can deceive them, they are no more children. They know when your smile is false, they can detect it; anyone who is real will detect it.

Your tears are false, your smile is false. These are small acts, but you are made up of small acts.

So don’t think of doing something big – that then you will do this. If you are false in small things you will always be false.

It is easy to be false in big things. If you are false in small things, it is very easy to be false in big things, because big things are always on exhibition. They are for others to see, so you can very easily be false. You can be a saint if saintliness is respected. Then you are on exhibition – just an exhibition piece. You can be a saint because it is respected and ego-fulfilling, but everything will be false. Just think, if a society changes its attitudes as they have been changed in Soviet Russia or in China, immediately, saints disappear – because there is no respect for them.


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