VBT – Meditation 68.3

Falsity Pays

I will tell you one anecdote, a Buddhist BHIKKHU who went to Soviet Russia in Stalin’s days. He told his intimate friend that whenever somebody would shake hands with him, suddenly the man would shrink and would say, “You have the hands of a bourgeois.” He had very beautiful hands. As a BHIKKHU he had never done anything; he was a beggar, a royal beggar, so there had been no labor. His hands were very smooth, beautiful, feminine. In India, whenever someone touched his hands he would say, “So beautiful!” In Russia, whenever someone would touch his hands, he would shrink away, and the condemnation would come into his eyes and he would say, “So you have bourgeois hands, the hands of an exploiter.” He came back and told his friend, “I felt so condemned there that I longed to be a laborer.”

Saints disappeared from Russia because now there is no respect. All that saintliness which was there was only on exhibition; it was a showpiece, painted. Only real saints can exist now in Russia.

For unreal ones there is no possibility because you will have to struggle there to be a saint, and the whole society will be against you. In India, the easiest way to survive and exist is to be a saint.

Everyone respects you. You can be false, and falsity pays.

Remember this: from the very morning, when you open your eyes, try to be real and authentic.

Don’t do anything which is false. Only for seven days, go on remembering. Don’t do anything which is false. Whatsoever is lost, let it be lost. Whatsoever you lose, lose it. But remain real, and within seven days a new life will be felt within you. The dead layers will be broken and a new living current will come to you. You will feel alive again for the first time – a resurrection.

“MOTHER DOINGS… MOTHER KNOWINGS…. IN REALITY” – not in dream. Do whatsoever you like to do, but think – really, are you doing it, or is your mother doing it through you or your father doing it through you? Because dead men, dead parents, societies, old generations gone long ago are still functioning within you. They have created such conditionings that you go on fulfilling THEM – and they were fulfilling their dead fathers and mothers, and you are fulfilling your dead fathers and mothers, and no one is fulfilled. How can you fulfill someone who is dead? But the dead are living through you.

Always observe when you do something, whether your father is doing it through you or you are doing it. When you get angry, is it your anger or is it the way your father used to be angry? You are just imitating. I have seen patterns going on, being repeated. If you marry, your marriage is going to be just approximately the same as your father’s and your mother’s. You will act like your father, your wife will act like her mother, and you will create the same mess again. When you get angry, observe: are you there or someone else? When you love, remember, are you there or someone else? When you speak something, remember, are you speaking or your teacher? When you make a gesture, remember, is it yours or is someone else present in your hand? It will be difficult, but this is SADHANA. This is what spiritual effort means.


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