VBT – Meditation 68.5

Your Dreaming Mind

You can go on finding ways and means how to come to reality, but you will be trying that too through your dreaming mind. So you can dream religious dreams – you can dream dreams about reality, about truth, about God, about Christ and Buddha – but that too will be dreaming. Dreaming must cease, and dreaming cannot be used to know reality.

What do I mean when I say “dreaming”? You are reading right now, but a dream is there, and that dream is constantly interpreting what is being read. You are not reading; you are hearing yourself, because simultaneously you are interpreting – are you not? You are thinking about what is being read. What is the need to think? Just read, don’t think, because if you think you cannot read, and if you go on thinking and reading, then whatsoever you read is your own noise. Then it is not what is being said. Stop thinking; let the passage of reading be clear of thoughts. Then that which is read will be heard.

When looking at the flower, stop dreaming. Don’t allow your eyes to be filled with thoughts and dreams about the past and future, with what you know about flowers. Don’t even say that “This flower is beautiful,” because then you are missing the reality. These words will become a barrier.

You say, “This flower is beautiful,” and words have come in: the reality is interpreted through the words. Don’t allow words to gather around you. Look directly, hear directly and touch directly.

When you touch someone, just touch; don’t say that the skin is beautiful, smooth. Then you are missing, you have moved in a dream. Whatsoever the skin is, it is here now. Touch it and allow the skin itself to be revealed to you. You look at a beautiful face. Look at it, and allow the face to enter itself. Don’t interpret it, don’t say anything. Don’t bring your past mind in.

The first thing: dreams are created by your past mind. It is the past mind continuously moving around you. Don’t allow the past to come in and then don’t allow the future. The moment you see a beautiful face, a beautiful body, immediately desire arises. You want to possess. You see a beautiful flower and you want to pluck it. Then you have moved. The flower is there, but you have moved into desire, into the future. Now you are not here. So either you are in the past which is not, or you are in the future which has not come yet, and you are missing that which is there right now.

So the first thing to remember: words should not be allowed to exist between you and reality. With less words there are less barriers; with no words there are no barriers. And then you face reality directly; immediately you are face to face. Words destroy everything because they change the very meaning.

I was reading someone’s biography. She was describing one day after just coming out of her bed.

The woman writes that “One day, in the morning, I opened my eyes.” Then immediately, she says, “But it is not right to say that I opened my eyes. ‘I’ didn’t do anything. The eyes opened by themselves.” She changes the sentence and she writes, “No, it is not good to say that I opened my eyes. I did not do anything. There was no effort on my part; it was not an action at all.” Then she writes, “The eyes opened by themselves.” But then she feels this is too absurd because the eyes belong to her, so how can they open themselves? So what to do?

Language never says what is. If you say, “I opened my eyes,” it is a lie. If you say, “The eyes opened by themselves,” it is a lie again, because eyes are just fragments. They cannot open themselves.


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