VBT – Meditation 73.0


What Is Mind?

Mind is confusion; there is no clarity. And the mind is always crowded, always cloudy; never the open sky, cloudless, empty. Mind cannot be that. You cannot make your mind clear; it is not the nature of the mind to be so. Mind will remain unclear. If you can leave the mind behind, if you can suddenly transcend the mind and come out of it, clarity will happen to you. You can be clear, but not the mind. There is not such a thing as a clear mind; never has been and never will be. Mind means the unclarity, the confusion.

Try to understand the structure of the mind, and then this technique will be clear to you. What is mind? A continuous process of thought, a continuous procession of thoughts – associated, non- associated, relevant, irrelevant – many multi-dimensional impressions gathered from everywhere.

The whole life is a gathering, a gathering of the dust. And this goes on and on.

A child is born. A child is clear because the mind is not there. The moment the mind appears, the unclarity, the confusion enters. A child is clear – a clarity, but he will have to gather knowledge, information, culture, religion, conditionings – necessary, useful. He will have to gather many things from everywhere, from many sources – opposite, contradictory sources. From thousands and thousands of sources he will gather. Then the mind will become a market-place, a crowd, and because of so many sources, confusion is bound to be there. And whatsoever you gather, nothing is certain, because knowledge is always a growing affair.

I remember, someone related an anecdote to me. He was a great searcher, and he told me this about his professor who taught him for five years in a medical college. The professor was a great scholar of his subject. The last thing he did was to gather his students and tell them, ‘One more thing I have to teach you. Whatsoever I have taught you is only fifty percent correct, and the remaining fifty percent is absolutely wrong. But the trouble is, I don’t know which fifty percent is correct and which fifty percent is incorrect – I don’t know.’

The whole edifice of knowledge is such. Nothing is certain, no one knows, everyone is groping. Through groping we create systems, and there are thousands and thousands of systems.

Hindus say something, Christians say something else, Mohammedans still something else – all contradictory, all contradicting each other; no agreement, no certainty – and all these sources are the sources for your mind. You collect: your mind becomes a junk-yard; confusion is bound to be there. Only a person who doesn’t know much can be certain. The more you know, the more uncertain you will become.


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