VBT – Meditation 80.1

The Imagination

Try a simple experiment before you enter this technique. Just close both your hands together, close your eyes, and just imagine that now your hands cannot be opened, they have gone dead, locked, and you cannot do anything to open them. In the beginning you will feel that you are just imagining and you can open them. But for ten minutes go on thinking that you cannot open them, you cannot do anything, your hands cannot be opened. And then after ten minutes try to open them.

Out of ten, four persons will immediately succeed, forty percent of people will immediately succeed:

after ten minutes they cannot open their hands – the imagination has become real. Howsoever they struggle… and the more they struggle to open, the more difficult it will be. You will start perspiring.

You are seeing your own hands and you cannot open them. They are locked!

But don’t be afraid. Just close your eyes again, and again imagine that now you can open them; only then will you be able to open them. Forty percent will succeed immediately. Those forty percent can move in this technique easily; there is no problem for them.

For the other remaining sixty percent it will be difficult, it will take time. Those who are very sensitive can imagine anything and it will happen. And once they feel that imagination can become real, then they have a feeling and they can move. Then you can do many things with your imagination. Already you are doing it without knowing it. Already you are doing it, but you are not aware.

A certain disease comes to the city – a French ‘flu comes – and you become a victim of it. You can never think that out of one hundred cases, seventy percent are just because of imagination.

Because the ‘flu is there you start imagining that now you are going to fall prey to it – and you will fall. Many diseases are just caught through your imagination, many problems you create because of your imagination. You can also solve them once you know that it is you who are creating them.

Train your imagination a little, and then this technique will be very helpful.

If there is no doubt inside you, imagination is a great force:

Imagination can create many things. And you can live in imagination, and in your imagination you will feel that it is happening. And it happens too! If there is no doubt inside you, imagination is a great force. It can create a dream almost as real as possible.

That’s what is happening to LSD people.

Karl Marx has said ‘Religion is the opiate of the people.’ Timothy Leary says ‘Opium is the religion of the people.’ And I say to you: Religion is religion, opium is opium! Neither religion is opium, nor opium is religion.

That’s what you are enjoying when you are on an acid trip. Then you are full of imagination – there is no bondage to your imagination. Then you live in a totally separate reality, the reality that Castaneda talks about; it is out of drugs. And in the East people have done it long.


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