VBT – Meditation 80.2

Lost Into Darkness

In the Vedas they talk about SOMA – it was their LSD. And then down the ages in the East, people have tried all kinds of things – marijuana, opium and others, mushrooms. Now in the West, the idea is-catching hold of people’s imagination. Beware of imagination. Imagination cannot help, it can only give you beautiful dreams; but they ARE dreams. When they are there they look very real.

When they are gone you are lost into darkness. You can create these imaginations without drugs, too.

Through certain breathing exercises, you can create them, because breathing can change your inner chemistry. Through certain yoga exercises you can change your inner chemistry. Through fasting you can change your chemistry. But by changing your chemistry you are not changing your soul.

Or you can create great friction. Through friction, ego is created, will is created. You can start fighting with something.

For example, a man decides that he will not sleep for one year. Now there is going to be great friction. Every night he will have to fight hard. After a few nights, even in the day it will be difficult for him – a continuous fight will be there. And if he goes on fighting, goes on fighting, it is a friction, a struggle. And if he goes on keeping himself alert, a moment comes when the body surrenders. Then he can be awake and sleep will not come any more. With this he will become very very WILLFUL.

Now he can do many things. He can say to somebody ‘You will die tomorrow!’ And just his assertion will have so much will, it will go like a dagger and will kill the man. Or, he can be helpful also.

Somebody is ill, and he can say ‘You are cured!’ And when he is saying ‘You are cured’ he is total; there is no doubt in him. Because there is no doubt in him, he creates a pulsation in the other person of trust, of no doubt that he will be cured. This man can be helpful, can be dangerous – to others. But to himself he is always dangerous. To others it is possible, helpful or dangerous.

But to himself he is always dangerous, because now he is caught in a will. The will has become very strong – now he cannot get out of it, now he cannot surrender it. And now there is much investment in it too. He has worked for it for so long, how can he surrender it?

And there is always a possibility when you have power to misuse it.

Power corrupts, not only political power, but the so-called psychic power also corrupts. And absolute power corrupts absolutely.

So this is my suggestion to you: Rather than thinking of resurrection, powers, miracles, will – think, meditate more about what this life is.

Go into it, otherwise you will be moving in the wrong direction.

You will be gathering junk and you will be throwing away real diamonds.


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