VBT – Meditation 81.4

An Astronaut

Becoming an astronaut of the inner space

Many times in deep meditation, you will suddenly become aware as if the gravitation has disappeared. That now nothing holds you down, that it is now up to you to decide whether to fly or not. That; now it is up to you, if you want you can simply fly up to the sky. The whole sky is yours. But when you open the eyes, suddenly the body is there, the earth is there, the gravitation is there. When you were with closed eyes meditating you forgot your body, you moved to a different dimension; the dimension of grace.

Enjoy it, allow it, because once you start thinking it is crazy, you will stop it and that stopping will disturb your meditation. Enjoy it as in a dream you fly. Close your eyes. In meditation go wherever you want, rise higher and higher into the sky, and many more things will soon become available to you. And don’t be afraid. It is the greatest adventure, greater than going to the moon; becoming an astronaut of the inner space is the greatest adventure.

Osho suggests this beautiful technique for those who are disturbed by sensations of physical instability and flying.

Just sit in your bed for five or ten minutes and visualise with closed eyes … feel that your body is becoming bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger. Make it as big as possible – so big that it almost starts touching the walls of the room.

You will start feeling that now you cannot move your hands – it is difficult … your head is touching the roof. First for two, three days just feel this; then start spreading out of the room. Fill the whole house, and you will feel that the room is inside you. Then spread outside the house – fill the whole neighbourhood, and feel the whole neighbourhood inside you. And then fill the whole sky, and feel the sun and the moon and the stars moving inside you.

This you continue for ten, twelve days. By and by, slowly, fill the whole sky. The day you have filled the whole sky, start the reverse process. For two days again, become small. In the reverse process, sit and then start imagining you are becoming very small. Just move the other way. Your body is not as big as it appears – it has become one foot high. You are just like a tiny toy – and you will feel it. If you can imagine the hugeness, you can imagine the smallness. Then even smaller – so small that you can hold yourself in your hand. Then even smaller … than even smaller. And within twelve days bring it to such a point that you cannot find yourself. You have become so atomically small that it is impossible to find where you are.

Make yourself as huge as the whole space and then make yourself as small as an invisible atom – twelve days one, then twelve days the other. You will feel so beautiful, so happy and so centred that you cannot imagine it.


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